Lustful Challenges



Lustful Challenges

I simply love writing poetry, it has to be said,
Covering different genres, is a real test for the head,
Straining your mind, to come up with the ‘flow’,
Means really quizzing your past and what you know,

With so many subjects to select from, it’s never a push,
From the surreal to the downright unreal, slush,
Fantasy, ancient history, political or romance,
Humour, jokey, philosophical or sexy and the chance,

Loving, dark, mysterious, and even the seasons’ weather,
Forbidding, foreboding , suicidal or sexual treasure,
As said, so many issues at hand that can be penned,
Most of the times, writing is never seriously strained!

However, writing sensual erotica, can prove trying,
Finding words or expressions of emotions and applying,
Can at best be difficult in real life, let alone poetry,
Making it explicit, yet not overtly offensive, can defy,

But recently l have been beset the task of lustful challenges,
Endeavouring to write in such a way, that it manages,
To tease, tickle, excite, entice, affect and measure,
Readers, who normally would turn a blind eye to pleasure,

Writing about sexual recreation, can be seen as taboo,
But skin on skin poetry, is a really a test for you!
For it displays and can show the hidden fantasies,
Mankind tries so desperately to disguise!

© Rory Matier 1993

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