Late Night Beats – What’s Your Poyson?


Late Night Beats – What’s Your Poyson?

Hey all – some of you may or may not know, that l now run a late night musical dedication for pets and companions only – as in no 2 leggeds allowed.

Music is so very important to us, it relaxes us when our 2 leggeds are away and so it is very important to have a very good selection which is why we have albums over simply single tracks … so what is everyone [animal wise] wanting to have dedicated to them?

Late last night/early this morning the following received dedications …

For Angelo some Queen

For Rudy some Elton John

For Captain Chaos some Pink Floyd

For Hunydog some Led Zeppelin 


Let me know in the comments section below … many thanks ..

Scrappy Doodlepip

5 thoughts on “Late Night Beats – What’s Your Poyson?

  1. I’m going to watch a supposedly EPIC battle episode tonight of Game of Thrones, the penultimate episode to the entire season and show. So, I need something appropriately dramatic dedicated for the event… maybe some Beethoven #5!

    1. Ha ha – mm, okay dokay Gatsby – consider it done 🙂

      Mummy and dad haven’t been able to watch it this last time, because HBO isn’t available on any of their channels, oh boo hoo l said, but then l sleep most of the time now. For me an epic battle is getting out of bed at times 🙂

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