Dear Blog – 22.05 – 16/05/19

One of those ugly days!

I’ll write about this properly tomorrow, as in truth l am in too much pain to write properly tonight.

Prior to the 27th March and the so called marvelous Injective surgery, l saw my scan from the MRI [the last MRI] l had done and the surgeon told me l had a collapsed acromion, a pinched nerve with C4 in dire straights and upper tendonitis. He advised me in front of Suze that this injective surgery was the way to go “We have to try all alternnatives first before keyhole ” he said.

Come the 27th, l then endured three bloody nasty 4″ needles injected into the worst areas of my shoulder injury including into the shoulder bone. “Immense pain for ten days, then you will feel relief and then physiotherapy if it has worked, if not keyhole” Those were his words.

To say l was looking forward to today would be a lie, but l was because instead of experiencing any quality of relief l have been in agony suggesting that the so called proceedure failed to work.

This afternoon, Suze and l sat across from the surgeon “How are you feeling he asked?” “I am in more pain now than l was, l have very little use and function in my right arm, my neck and spine are killing me and l have more pain in my upper arm than before those needles!” I answered.

“Well looking at the scan there is nothing wrong, so what l am going to do is suggest hydrotherapy and refer you to the Pain Management team, however in order for me to do that, l have to discharge you from my care.”

“And if that doesn’t work are you saying Rory will have to start again from scratch with this whole proceedure?” Suze asked.

“Yes, l am afraid so.”

Folks l was too shocked to bring up all my pre-determined questions, all l had floating around in my head was “Hang on one fucking minute, what do you meam nothing is fucking wrong?  If there is nothing wrong, why did we spend £1000 on this so called alternative fix, if there is nothing wrong? What bloody scan are you looking at? Because the last scan l had done was the one we all looked at prior to us paying YOU £1000 for this surgery when everything was bloody wrong?!”

But l didn’t say that because l was in absolute agony from the car journey – you see l can no longer travel in the car because the motion and movement tears my arm to shreds. Now l have to start demanding answers, from tomorrow l want what he said in black and fucking white, because if there is nothing wrong, then why the bloody good hell am l in agony?? I will now demand my medical file and go for a second opinion. This whole situation has been a sodding shambles from the first day, and the only ones seriously suffering is me!

I am so not in a good mood tonight, but l am in too much pain to do anything further.

Dear Blog ……

21 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 22.05 – 16/05/19

  1. I have tendinitis in my shoulder and elbow, so I know how painful it can be. Excruciating. Your case sounds very serious. I hope you get some answers and relief.

    1. Hi Barb, it’s been like this now since January 2018, and in serious pain since June of last year. I am at times bloody close to hanging myself from the nearest tree.

      1. I do know the feeling. My pain would wake me up at night. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

  2. Guess what! I got the pens, just now when I checked the mail! Thank you very much 😊🤗😊

  3. I so had hoped that you would be spared from the horrible journey that I traveled. So many procedures, so many doctors, so much wasted time and so much fucking pain! It’s horrible on the body and it’s horrible for the mental health.
    If there’s any way my experience can help you, let me know. I hate that anyone has to go through this ridiculous bullshit!

    1. Hey Grandma, thanks -l think l am now in the position of Mr nice diplomatic Guy has gone, l need clarity of this bloody situation, and l need to start losing my rag a bit, because this whole affai is an absolute joke, sadly and worse at my expense

    1. Hey Britchy, funny Suze said that – she is as angry as l am – something’s not right, l am more confused by recent scan images, when l haven’t had a recent scan, the last scan was in December, so what on earth is he looking at?

  4. How disappointing! So sorry to hear this didn’t work for you, Rory. I continue to hold you in my Heart, wishing you well. 💞

    1. Hey Betty, thank you. I am now, just horribly confused as to what the hell is going on? So it hasn’t worked, and now l am being discharged? Well gees that’s encouraging – can’t fix you so we let you go attitude?

      1. Yes, anyone would be confused by that attitude! I do hope you soon find some alternative that provides a solution. This has gone on much too long!

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