Rory’s at it Again!

Cheryl takes a hearty stab at Foof Glorious Food question Fun 🙂

The Bag Lady

Whipped cream and strawberries need no recipe, hopefully served on someone you love.

Brown, black, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, white, pink, no grey please.

About average, toast definitely a meal.

Now it could be anything. I used to be a good cook.

Pasta, ground beef, tomato sauce, eggs, cheese.

I cooked using wine a few times. Drinking is best.

I’m not an exotic food eater. I grew up in Vermont. : ))

I have no idea what umami is.

Beaujolais is medium red in color.



If you soak dry beans overnight with a tsp of baking soda, you won’t have the gas problem.

Coffee, asparagus, lots of things seem to go straight in and out of the kidneys.

Unleavened bread?

I haven’t had Ben and Jerry’s for six years, no idea.

Sauerkraut at least.

I don’t eat any fishy smelling or tasting fish, except canned tuna. I…

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