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Today l am 56 years of age

15th May 1963

I am somewhat cynical at these so called special days, to me it’s just another day – just another year – just another lifetime to add to the current lifetime total!

However l thought l would do something different for Random Quotes 313#

Firstly  to anyone else around the world in the blogosphere that also happens to be a Taurus like myself and sharing the 15th May as your Birthday ……

Happy Birthday

Here’s hoping that you have a totally awesome supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

Secondly l am going to show you things l have said on the 15th May for the last 7 years.


15th 2012 – Facebook

Time is such a funny thing, it passes so quickly? Does the world move faster as we become older? What’s one day in a year full of 365 of them? What’s an hour in a day filled with 24 of them, and each hour is 60 seconds and yet each day is only 86,400 of those very same seconds, a year is 525,600 minutes and in seconds it is 31,536,000 – when you look at time like that, little wonder it seems to pass so quickly eh? However, today is no different to yesterday, and tomorrow will be the same as today, so in all time is only relevant to speed when you effectively fill those burning seconds, today for me is just another day


15th May 2013 – Facebook

When l was 20, l said to my mother that at 50 l would be older, happily married and a granddaddy – Well l am now 50, and one for sure, l am older!

Another Day, another year

Today is no less a day than yesterday, and no more than tomorrow!


15th May 2014 – Facebook

If you look over the years, the styles have changed – the clothes, the hair, the production, the approach to the songs. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself, it’s really the same.

John Oates


15th May 2015 – Facebook

Think Trees Not Children!

NB: This was said as a statement during a conversation concerning  the state of our world, and it basically meant, if we don’t think about our children in a much broader fashion and lowering emissions, they’ll not have a world to grow up into.


15th May 2016 – Facebook

Mm, l only had a year at being 52, not long enough. Will see if the year at being 53 works more to my favour!


The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.

Madeleine L’Engle

15th May 2017 – Facebook

The problem with being political is all in your tilt – do you tilt to the left or to the right? I tilt to the left – environment and animals – tilting to the right – mankind and mass destruction appeals not – but above everything else it’s the people l can not stand.


15th May 2018 – Facebook

This is so very true, but people forget about finding their passions, following their dreams, searching for their chosen element of speciality. Every day you are presented with the opportunity to do something unique to create yourself again, take it, splash out, do something new.


15th May 2019 – WordPress

Just Another Day …….. Just Another Year

I sometimes wonder why l ever used to get excited about this time of the year? In years gone by, and perhaps  fifty years ago maybe l was excited. Forty years ago, l most assuredly wasn’t excited, it was of course just another year, just another day, and just another life or time of the life or even lifetime. People say it cannot be a lifetime as you are not yet dead but of course it is l chunter back with enthusiasm!

If you are 16, then you have lived 16 years, that is your lifetime, it’s not like you’re 16 going on 90, so therefore you cannot say you are 90 lives of age, if you have only lived 16 of them can you?

So here we are, l am, not you, although if you are reading this, then it is the proverbial we, so we all are, looking at the time 12.51 am and 36 minutes ago, 56 years ago, l came into the world. 56 years later and here l am 36 minutes after my entering, pondering on where is the excitement?

Just Another Day …….. Just Another Year

Just Another Life

Just Another Age

Where’s the excitement in that?


Now just because l am a cynical husk of yesterday, doesn’t mean the reast of you have to be, so have a totally, totally, terrifically awesome day!


My thanks to all my well wishers from earlier this morning … for their Birthday Greetings … Sadje of Keep it Alive , Ribana of Popsicle Society  , Richa of iScriblr , Betty of Guidelines Web , Suzi Tench of My Colourful Life

17 thoughts on “Random Quotes 313#

    1. Thank you Larry.

      It’s not actually putting trees above children – it is a statement to suggest we need to think about the children of tomorrow, if we don’t have enough trees and a world for our children, we ‘ll not have a world for our children to grow up into.

      In the next couple of years, there will be global discussions on the population situation of the world and whilst globally many have said it’s a sensitive issue – so too is the subject of no world.

      If we don’t lower our emissions, then we will not have a world for our children in the futures to come,

      We have to start thinking not just of our world but of theirs too, because if we don’t they’ll not not just have a world with no tress but they might not have a world at all.

  1. Happy (rest of) your birthday! Hope it’s filled with goodness!

    Love what you said about trees and the future. As a grandma, I worry a lot about the polluted mess my descendants will have to deal with.

  2. Hi Paula,

    Larry was quite upset at how it appeared initially which was simply “Ha Ha He He ho ho Think Trees not Children” So l withdrew the laughter element and added in the NB.

    This is something l really feel strongly about. You are a grandmother, Suze is a grandmother, my mother is a mother and l am surrounded by fathers and mothers alike. I am not a father, but it doesn’t mean l don’t worry about the state of our world – because l do, so very much – if we don’t do something, if we don’t tackle this situation head on and fast, we’ll not have a world for not just your children or Suze’s or anyone else’s here, but there will be no world left for the children of their children, and that worries me.

    If every time a child was born a tree was planted in celebration to their life the world would be healthier for starters and quite possibly around for their tomorrow’s too.

    Thank you for my birthday wishes 🙂

  3. I decided at 50 that I would be 50 for 5 years, then at 55 I would be 55 for 5 years and so on… I can never remember my exact age. I lost track somewhere in my 40s so I’ve decided to simplify it. LOL

  4. The excitement is in the fact that every new year, every new day, we have a new opportunity! Isn’t it this awesome? It is just another age, who cares?
    As you’ve mentioned “The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”
    You have a history created day by day, year by year and the important is to never forget to enjoy it! It is all that we have! Our history 😊
    Happy Birthday again 🥳 Enjoy every minute! 😉

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