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George and Albert are Brothers, not brothers in arms, but brothers from birth, and according to George have been all their lives! George is the eldest at 79, with his younger brother Albert the baby of the family at a mere 68.

George is married to Mavis, who happens to be 72, whilst Albert is married to Esther who is his senior at 73, she lovingly refers to him as her toy boy! George is somewhat old fashioned, whilst Albert is slightly younger at heart, probably due to Esther’s’ very young mind and soul, and combined with the fact that she was a show girl when younger – no not a show all girl, a show girl as in dancer – she is somewhat adventurous and open minded, definitely more so than Mavis who was a shop girl, who is not old fashioned, but does believe in the good ol’ days.

George and Albert  meet three times a week at their local for a catch up, share some humour and talk about the world in general .. well truth be known more of a grumble, and more so from George ….. but of course Albert has been known to NOT always be the calm and placid one, there are and can be exceptions to that rule!

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        1. I will do, in the run up, l have the first new episode planned in later this week – Albert is on a strange holiday with his wife Esther 🙂

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