I Just Wanted To Say!



Just Wanted To Say …….

Hey all here’s hoping you all have a great day whatever the time of the day it is in your part of the world!


Music for the dawn, morning,  midday, afternoon, dusk, evening, night, midnight, late and really late!! Is that everything …pretty sure it is.

Today’s Musical dedication is for Paula of Light Motifs II  who would like to hear 5 tracks from Fleetwood Mac – so without further ado… mm, thanks Paula, this was a good group to remember, so much so, l think l will dedicate a Theme Times to this week.

If you want a Top 5 Track/Album Call Out Morning Dedication, please let me know below in the comments section!

So perhaps you Sadje of Keep it Alive  or  Ribana of Popsicle Society  or Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind  or Angie of King Ben’s Grandma or Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen have a group you would like to have five tracks dedicated to you too?


Quote of the Day

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” – Will Rogers

Brian Tracy

In-Blog Life

In-Blog Life will be starting as a mainstream feature once the Podcast series starts. It is to be 15 minute interviews with bloggers where upon they can discuss what is coming up in their blogs for the coming week/s or month.

Today in my blog l have the following features to post to the readership …

Random Quote

Autism and Mental Health series … Walking On Eggshells!

Theme Times – James Taylor for Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Late Night Beats with Scrappy Doodlepip

Of course the usuals!

So that’s me, but what about you? What have you got planned for your blogs  Today?


17 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say!

  1. Good morning Rory! I was thinking maybe Savage Garden? 😊
    Today, I’ll try to not let yesterday take too much of my time, but it’s already afternoon and I’m keep doing things from yesterday 🤨

  2. Good morning! On my blog today I’m sharing what a typical weekend is like for me! I have plans later to work on some upcoming posts that will be scheduled for the end of the week! Hope you have a fab day!! Xxx

  3. I like old songs that I grew up listening to. Women in love by Barbra Striesand, sound of silence from Simon and Garfunkel, any tracks from Yanni or J lo.

  4. Fleetwood Mac is another favorite! I’m keeping with my storytellers like JT, how about Jim Croce or Cat Stevens(Yusuf Islam now)
    I had errands, errands, errands this morning starting with an appt with Ben’s med doc. It’s noon here in SoCal and I’m just now having my coffee and scone.😯
    I hope your day was good and you have a fantastic night!

    1. Ooh Grandma, now there is some roight noice suggestions!

      As to my day, tis not been bad, noit bad at all, for once the pain has not been crippling, so that’s a bonus in my world. I have started the making the changes to my blog for the next couple of quarters for the year, so am quite motivated 🙂

      Glad your day ‘so far’ is aok 🙂

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