Lost Dawns


Lost Dawns

I once knew me a leopard, which became a tiger,
And once l knew a wolf that became a ghost,
The tiger was still a predator despite being a liar,
And the ghost still a wolf despite the new host,

How can a leopard change its spots into stripes,
And why would the wolf wish to disappear,
I can only believe that it takes all types,
And sometimes the actualities of life are unclear,

When one chooses to change or hide the past,
Doesn’t mean that it has truly gone forever,
For some memories will always last,
And are meant to stay on as a learning endeavour,

The leopard can never change its spots until it dies,
And the wolf will always remain alone,
Death does not hide the afore lies,
Yet the ghostly presence will always be home,

The tiger wants to be remembered after,
Yet the ghost never wants to be found,
But the leopard, which became a tiger, is still a panther,
And the wolf that died never recovered from its wound,

Some dawns will never be seen again and perhaps this is best,
Whilst others will be forever etched into memory,
Life sadly is just one long test,
And we can only hope that tomorrows’ will be worthy.

© Rory Matier 2012

20 thoughts on “Lost Dawns

    1. Hey Paula, many thanks – no you are right – people never change not deep down, they can pretend they do, but they are still there and tigers as lovely as they are the same 🙂

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