Fibbing Friday – May 10



Fibbing Friday – May 10

Created by the wonderful Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

Where do all the lost texts and emails go?

Well, it’s a bit like the missing socks, and l couldn’t tell you because then everyone would know.

What do people really mean when they say, “Just a second”?

Isn’t that the 60 times version of Hang a Minute?

What is the best thing to come in threes?

Snowflakes! Oh oops, sorry you meant threes not, oh well!

Why was Betty White trending?

Who is Betty White? Next you’ll be asking about the Golden Girls!

You followed the White Rabbit down the hole, but where did you end up?

Funny you should ask that, but it’s nothing like the end of the rainbow story,  not one little bit, funny looking pellets is all l can say, and so not edible!!

Who was behind the curtain the whole time?

They called him Jack, and all he said was “I’mmm baaaaaack!”

What makes grass grow?

The sky  demands everything for nothing, and then there was grass!

How do gophers like to spend their Friday nights?

Doing nothing, they just lie back on the couches totally chillaxed, swinging back some Buds and Becks, crunching and munching down on Doritoes with a nice chilly pepper sauce, everything is there, they have nothing to ‘Go for!!!’

The Grand Canyon isn’t very Grand, what is it?

Empty for starters, what a waste of money, “Go see the Grand Canyon, a real Wonder of the World!” Like Hello are you kidding me it’s just a bunch of rocks, that l could have seen anywhere! Wonder of the World indeed, l was left wondering for days what it was all about?

Twilight wasn’t about vampires and werewolves, what was it about?

Yes, well it was a typo, it should have read Twiglets.

In three words, what is the best way to spend an evening?

Planning Next Day

What are birds really saying when they chirp?

Gossip of course .. “Did you hear about Bertie the Blackbird and his Blue Tits?? shocking!!”

What is the strangest thing on your computer?

This question!


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