Bugged by Mystery Bugs?

IMG_0240 (2)

Bugged by Mystery Bugs?

I am not sure if these are specific to England, UK or if these bugs are known about elsewhere, but can anyone, identify these particular bugs?

I have a total of 8 right outside the back door, l haven’t seen any others around the garden as of yet. I initially thought they may have been Ladybirds, but they don’t seemingly carry those markings and are remarkably shiny, almost golden metalic.

IMG_0235 (2)

IMG_0236 (2)

About 20 mm long.


7 thoughts on “Bugged by Mystery Bugs?

  1. I had found a mystery bug awhile back, too. It was black with two orange spots only. Sort of like a ladybug, but not one. I asked, too, if anyone could identify it and they couldn’t. It wasn’t even in my book of insects or on-line, just similar but not the same one.
    I agree with Sadje – they are from outer space! 🙂

    1. Hey Cage, thank you for this link. Aren’t beetles truly fascinating – and these are astonishing there are now a total of 15 all alighting on this one small plants – it is quite remarkable – it’s a beautiful little beetle with the most exquisite patterning to it and so shiny – l can see your term of the Christmas beetle very well. It looks a little like the Rainbow beetle, l think come tomorrow l shall look at these pictures very closely as well as see if l can get some clearer shots 🙂

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