Late Night Beats With Scrappy Doodlepip!


Good morning everyone ……… says l can roll with this series as it is just as important to be able to offer a dedicated call out to my friends as much as he is with his! Fair enough l say … mine is to my animals friends – companions and petz alike – no 2 leggeds allowed. This morning we have some fine selections.

Music is so very important to us, it relaxes us when our 2 leggeds are away and so it is very important to have a very good selection which is why we have albums.

For Angelo some Queen

For Rudy some Elton John

For Captain Chaos some Pink Floyd

For Hunydog some Led Zeppelin 

RIP Princess still greatly missed.

And  for me ….. nothing beats a good bit of Bob!

So come on everyone – to all pets let me know your selections please?


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