Stiff In The Morning!


Stiff in the Morning

Oh my goodness, is all that can be said,
Awoken this morning totally stiff in bed,
It is just so damningly annoying,
To be this hard and throbbing!
But try l must to arrange my day,
So as to accommodate this new way,
Admittedly it was quite stiff last night,
But l thought warm bed, and all would be right,

Today, but alas, l find myself in a mess,
With this stiffened awkwardness!
I mean it makes getting dressed,
A life and death situation of stress,
Have tried banging and pounding it hard,
To see if it will ease its gripping guard,
But no amount of rubbing and beating,
Will make the damn thing contemplate releasing!
Oh dear, what will become of me,
With the stiffness so visible for others to see,

Oh well, l guess it makes for no odds,
Slipping over as l did, has consequences …
…for all parts of ones’ bod,
And my extremely hard and stiff back,
Will just have to remedy itself to get on track!

© Rory Matier 2014


25 thoughts on “Stiff In The Morning!

        1. Shooooot…. If you hadn’t asked me, I could’ve named plenty… Now my brain is locked up.
          Can’t go wrong with the 80s. Another band I liked was ABC. Poison Arrow, Look of Love…

      1. I’ve been to Cappadocia in Turkey and I’m pretty sure that’s the only place you find them. Stay tuned, I have a story coming up involving Turkey…with some photos.

    1. Ha ha – so many people say this!! It’s the image at the start Catchy, I changed it from the last one which showed three very strange and dare l say it ‘erect’ stone pillars and that caught people out, and then of now believe it or not that is a mushroom, that just happens to look , well and then there’s the title ha ha ha!

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