Late Night Beats With Scrappy Doodlepip!


Good morning everyone ……….. here is my second episode of Late Night Beats and tonight l introduce the Dedication Call out! Please let me know your choice for call out – this is the special for non-two leggeds – so K9’s, Felines and all other pets!

For Nitro some Lady Gaga

For Gatsby some Fleetwood Mac

For Captain Chaos some Pink Floyd

To the Chickens!

And tonight for me …….mmm


So come on everyone – to all pets let me know your selections please?

5 thoughts on “Late Night Beats With Scrappy Doodlepip!

  1. Okay, this looks interesting… hmm. Let’s see: Here’s my picks for my boys:
    Pudge: “Who Let The Dogs Out??” Baha Men

    Ziggy: “(S)He’s a Maniac” Michael Sembello

    Hunydog: (over Rainbow Bridge): “Stairway to Heaven” – Led Zepplin

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