The Societal Pack

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The Societal Pack


People, Can’t Live With Them …

…. The end of this quote is at the bottom of this post, and it’s there, because l am unsure of it being up here.

At times, l think LIFE as we know it would be way better without people! I like to say ‘Less people, less shit you have’ and that is true. Because people have a tendency to overcomplicate the simplicity of life! Society is forever guilty of this type of conduct.

I read an article last year about a Mother who likened society to a pack of hyenas when it came to autism and her child – in so far as autism was the least of the predators in comparison to the societal pack! That stress only was abounding due to their presence

Her comments made me think of four animal species and for different reasons, factual, actual and metaphorical and of course societal and the interpretations.

Dinosaurs – because society can be antiquated!
Ostriches – because society loves to bury its head!
Elephants – because society can be awkwardly clumsy and make things of all sizes ‘invisible’
Hyenas – because society loves to laugh, scavenge, tear down and disembowel

Society loves nothing more than to criticise and chastise what it classes as unacceptable behaviour – it cannot stand ‘broken’, or flawed, or unconventional or different. It defines those aforementioned as ‘not normal’, which l struggle with and maybe you do too.

I mean if you are not including conditioning, convention and ‘acceptable behaviour’ then what is normality? Normality is the expression of being seen as normal – the usual run of the mill, what’s regarded as typical and as always the obligation of expectation

Society loves to sling mud, as much as it adores throwing snow balls around – they fear things that they cannot understand or make sense of, because it goes against their definition of ‘normal’ and we are back to that again – what is normal anyway?

Is it stereotypical behaviour introduced by generations of conditioning bestowed upon us by conventionality? Is that perhaps what they are referring to as ‘normal?’ Because if that is it, if that is ‘their’ definition of normal, then l laugh out loud as indeed l do every time someone says ‘That’s not normal’ to me!’

Autism isn’t normal behaviour – apparently? Steeped in controversy and surrounded by conspiracy and hatred, yes hatred, and fear. The very label itself not unlike many others throughout our history of time has had ‘fear’ attached to it – because it challenges the expectation of what society classes as normalcy!

If society cannot understand something they attack it, damage it, kill it, maim it, shun it or stigmatize it!

Sadly autism, like mental health, anxiety, depression and a host of other ‘society undesirables’ are subjected to this ethos of strategy. The same society that is ever watchful for things it doesn’t want to understand, that it fears, that it is ignorant to and arrogant at. Society wants to push away these topics, for they are taboo! Society wants to continually pretend that certain things don’t exist, so they push them away or shun them, or hide them away and when they are not doing that, they attack.

Many don’t like to know about mental health issues either, they steer clear of those suffering from depression, they don’t talk to those with anxiety and they pretend that certain things don’t exist. It is easier to behave like this.

Society chastises and passes judgement onto those who suffer, and has made discussions concerning these topics and awareness an area of discomfort – so much so that many as an example with mental health issues are fearful to openly discuss their problems with others – their family – their friends and with professionals – sadly some even believe the stories being brandished and shy away from their own difficulties, not wishing to openly admit to themselves that they may have problems that need addressing – and why

Because of this stupidity of so called ‘normalcy, normality and being normal!’

I say fuck the definitions! Fuck society and its conspirator belief system! Fuck it’s so called conditioned and conventional acceptable appropriate behaviour passed down by generations of uniformed conventionalists!

Fuck YOU!

The Societal Pack needs to stop attaching TABOO to topics it doesn’t want to face, and take the time to understand them, and learn about them. Additionally it needs to cease its stigmatization activities and adopt a healthier and wealthier attitude towards its people, all of them! Society needs to stop ostrichsizing and elephantining people with problems.

When society awakens to the reality, the truth within the truth itself – that in fact they need these people to teach them, to help them realise their fullest potential and to create a more fulfilling awareness then and only then, will l probably say

…… Can’t Live without Them!


But society hasn’t realised that just yet.

Imagine how they are going to feel when they come to realise that the actuality of things is inside them all anyway?

7 thoughts on “The Societal Pack

  1. What is ‘normal’? That’s a great question. I’m hoping that one day it will simply mean being you, instead of a conformist notion built on fear and insecurity.

  2. A high school friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years, has been incredibly supportive with regard to the mental health challenges I faced last month. Then, last night she posted an image of someone sitting in front of a laptop that says, “Avoid posting your personal problems on social media. Your personal problems require personal solutions, not social attention.” I hope she wasn’t thinking of me.

  3. Normal, average or special! They are all just words used incorrectly. Teaching people that there is no size fits all criteria for the mental state of people. I could be one way today and another way tomorrow. You can’t put me in a slot and label me.

  4. BRAVO!!! I love this post and absolutely agree with everything you’ve written!

    Except I would have ended the quote with “… can’t put them through the wood chipper”, but that’s just my twisted sense of humor.

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