Now Here’sa Krazy Idea!



Now Here’sa Krazy Idea!

Let me know your views – as you know we have a new feature that has been around for a few weeks now called Petz Interviews – and so far l think we have had only three respondees! I know and l thought Katz were slow to get mentioned, but Petz, well they are even slower!

But a couple of weeks back now Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures remarked at how cool it would be if we had a raccoon doing an interview , and l was thinking how cool it might be if a skunk did one!

Now years ago, l used to work with loads of animals, mostly exotics and l was thinking how about if l start a fictional interview series where upon these animals are being interviewed?

What do you think? Let me know below.

7 thoughts on “Now Here’sa Krazy Idea!

  1. Yes, please! I love your animal stories. Your sense of humor added to animal point of view for the interviews will make for very entertaining reading!

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