How Does Your Garden Grow?


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May 2019

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

It would be nice if spring was to finally arrive for 2019, however it is lingering in other places, and whilst we are experiencing some warmth in Kent, we are not enjoying what Kent is accustomed to and whilst humans can cognitively say “Oh well just one of those things, right?” Plants cannot, instead of saying something akin to, “Well no matter chaps let’s just get on with it!” They simply snuggle down deeper in their little compost capsules with long johns, woollen heavy duty socks, woolly caps and scarfs!

Some haven’t even ventured past a little mound of dirt, whilst others have been a little more adventurous and braved the colds to battle the odds.

Of the 10 seed trays Suze made up weeks ago each with 12 cubicles for plants – so 120 seeds planted – we only enjoyed a 75% success ratio – notably the courgettes and cucumbers, a few beetroot, a few tomato plants, a couple of peas and a couple of cucamelon, two aubergine [eggplant],one sweet pepper and six green beans. 

We had a bumper crop of Runner Beans emerge as you know because we set up outside two giant wigwams last week and we had a surplus of plants left which we traded this morning for 6 tomato plants from our neighbours – yip yap yay! We also had to buy four pepper plants. But we are planting all the herbs next month, as well as later this month planting protective crops such as radishes, kales and spinach as well as some salads. They will be for the table, but we find that if we over plant the seeds to our main crops they act as a relatively safe cover against snails. One of this gardens arch enemies, in comparison to our neighbours gardens who suffer from sluggers! [slugs].

So we are approaching the middle of May, and so far the outside garden resembles this …

Runner Benas – planted last Sunday


IMG_0199 (2)

No Movement from potatoes just yet, but early.

IMG_0201 (2)

Horseradish [grey tub] very keen.

IMG_0202 (2)

Pansies planted last Sunday doing really well and enjoying their freedom from pot bound status!

IMG_0174 (2)

IMG_0175 (2)

Roses doing well ……….. we like roses!

IMG_0181 (2)

IMG_0183 (2)

Comfrey, Borage and Mints very happy indeed!

IMG_0184 (2)

IMG_0209 (2)

IMG_0211 (2)

Strawberry Plants are doing marvelously also.


Even the plum tree is showing gusto!

IMG_0187 (2)

Meanwhile inside gardening is slower, but finally starting to display interest …

IMG_0190 (2)

Pepper Plants

IMG_0189 (2)

Cucumbers, courgettes, green beans, cucamelons all doing well!

IMG_0194 (2)

The new Tomato plants – it’s great to be able to swap plants for plants.

IMG_0195 (2)

The slowcoaches are just starting to display an interest in the season.

IMG_0197 (2)

In truth, perhaps it is best that there are not huge quantities of plants this year, with my shoulder not improving and no ability to hold a full watering can for too long, and with Suze in Australia from end June to mid July, maybe it is indeed for the best. We will have enough plants to provide us with ample fruits and vegetables meaning we can reduce our food bill down slightly – is still a bonus.

So how is everyone else and your gardens doing this year?

More soon.

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  1. I miss my garden… Ben and Zeus have been tunneling to China in one part of the yard and the family dramas have kept us from working with the yard and it’s gone a bit wild. Your pictures and this post remind me of how wonderful it is to pick your own veggies for meals, or snacks.

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