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Facebook Walls are an odd enigma if you sit back and think about it, many a time you want to ‘delete’ except there is no actual button to do so, a clever marketing manipulator by the creator – you can of course deactivate for ’10 minutes to ten days +’ if you choose to and Facebook will always welcome you back as a long lost friend.

It is like a mini game in itself if you think about it, it can be addictive and destructive, irksome and annoying, but so too can the users. People add people without thinking about it, sometimes to the point they do not even know why they ‘did’ add them??

It must be seen as funny, even by the very puzzled – l mean if someone just walked up to you in the street in real time and said ‘Let’s be friends?’ You would look at them like they were a wack job, yet it is perfectly acceptable behaviour in Facebook? And why? Well it is all part and parcel of this application of social networking – to make a community open and able to communicate.

In truth Facebook is nothing much short of an alternative alias filled with electronic and at times imaginary friends – sure you can know some people and probably do – but in many cases, these friends are associates of friends you already have and for some reason association friends want to be your ‘friend’ as well?

Some users, applicators, networkers or friends hardly use their Walls, others use them daily, others don’t use them to communicate with others but to themselves and even more just use theirs to ‘like’ another application advert. Here we have posts, likes, quotes, groups, branded products, unique content, comments, arguments, debates, adverts and sloganism at its height! All under the banner of ‘open sociality and communicative networkers’.

People want to be part of another’s’ Wall, many a times not even knowing why? And once there hardly ever say a word for months. Friends come and go, deactivate, leave never to return and it is all part and parcel of the whole economics of the vehicle itself – after all we are just consumers. We slim down, or DE clutter our Walls and the amount of users we have regularly and in many cases re build what we destroyed, it is the nature of this clever beast!

You have to ask what is the point to it all, there has to be a point, but is it personal? No, in truth it is one huge and by that l mean enormous advertising platform, which we feed into and eat from – it’s that simple – we consume it!

In truth, l don’t even like it, l should imagine not many do, but still we consume its content like a poor quality breakfast cereal, we are just part of the many cogs that run its wheels.

Does this post make sense to the reader?

Probably not, but it’s my Wall.

My pondering if you will,  it’s my journal after all!

Why Am I Deactivating My Facebook I Hear You Ask?  – Rory Matier 2014


“We have begun to live in a world, where we eat content, drink content and breathe content, without giving a single thought to its composition and what kind of impact it has upon our lives.”

Abhijit Naskar

13 thoughts on “Random Quotes 308#

    1. Yet still they are used. You have a Twitter account, that you don’t use, but you have it. I have a FB account, that l only use for instant messaging Suze as it is cheaper than text.

      Passé they may well be, but they will still be around till something else arrives on the trendy scene 🙂

      1. I do use it after a few days. I just randomly like tweets and that’s it. I really don’t know how to use it to it’s max advantage

        1. The thing with Twitter to get the maximum benefit from it in real truth, is you need to treat it like you do WP. It’s need dedication. Like most of the platforms they rquire the human element. You have your WP account connected to your Twitter account, the moment you post something is the moment it is published into your social media.

          The problem with that is that unless you have the social element connected to your Twitter account then all your postings fall in to the path of the blind – you can pump 10 or 100 posts a day into the Twitter directory and unless there is something personal from you to it, it means nothing, so many a time people ignore them.

          People connect with you when you interact with them. No different to WP, which is also a social platform.

          To make Twitter work, you would have to spend a couple of hours per day on the application – connecting – otherwise there really isn’t any benefit to your blog being connected to Twitter or facebook or whichever.

          It is easy once established, but it can become overwhelming, which is why l only have WP blog, and should l wish to post something to another platform, l do so manually with a comment to it.

          But l find FB and Twitter too much hard work.

          1. They appear to be too much effort. I keep on telling myself that I will do it one day, but I don’t find the time.

  1. I use twitter for poetry prompts and to read poetry. There is good stuff on there. Unfortunately, I do also get sucked into reading some drama and politics, but I don’t participate in it.

    I left Facebook completely (and instagram). Didn’t merely deactivate. Deleted it all. Waste of time and energy. The friendships were fake, and for some reason the people just wanted to continually argue about whatever shit. It didn’t matter what you said, some jerk would pick at it. So annoying!

    On WordPress, I actually get real writing done and am continually inspired to do more! 😀

    1. Hey Paula, and do you find Twitter effective for traffic? How much do you interact with Twitter to feel the connection, and how much traffic do you get from Twitter to WP as an example? 🙂

      1. Not effective at all. I pretty much get nothing. I have around 1000 “followers” who don’t interact with me except for maybe 6 or so. But those are peeps I knew already. If I write a poem to a prompt and tag the prompt host, the host will comment but that’s all. Very occasionally someone new does. Rarely do I get a blog visit because of twitter. But I’m not hung up on stats nor is my blog monetized. I learned a while back that promoting my books on my blog or twitter is useless. I will have to find another way to make money via writing. 🙂

        1. I totally agree Paula. I don’t have any WP connection to the social media platforms and only have WP organic if you wish. I tried it for a few months, it didn’t work and it’s quite useless,which is why l always find it so funny when these big marketing blogs inform us we should have all our fingers in various pies when it doesn’t work and you would have to have the 100 hour day just to function with all of the platforms correctly with the right dedication.

          People are very specific with their chosen platforms, the one that brings the lesser of the evils to them personally is the one they will stick with.

          Twit and Fabby were wastes of space for me, and l never got any traffic from them, so dropped them.

          1. I sometimes think about dropping twitter. It does waste some time. But then I’ll see a slew of great poetry prompts and change my mind again 🤪

  2. I’ve never had and will never have a Facebook account. I’ve heard too much bad and maybe two things good so it’s not with my time. I had Twitter before WP and used it to socialize, like I do WP. Twitter for to be too much drama, arguments and trolls so I don’t go there often. It is connected to my WP. I know of one person that reads my posts from Twitter rather than WP, even though she is on WP. Seems odd to me, but it’s the way she does her social media.

    1. Hey Grandma, as l said earlier, l think we all find a social platform that is ideal for us, and we either stop using the others or we dilute our useage.

      Twitter was too overwhelming, Fabby was too drama llama ding dong, but like porridge WP was just right 🙂

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