A Verse is a Verse, of Course of Course

First you have Mr fandango and his literary genius, but then, yes then – you have Mr Ed!!!

This, That, and The Other

E5AD6A4B-1CDA-4E83-B9B3-A5B76CCCC718Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, crafted together a four-line rhyming verse and then passed the baton into my palm and said, “The next leg is yours, Fandango.”

My task, according to Rory, is to add my four-line rhyming verse to his and then to tag the blogger of my choice, who I will task with keeping things going.

But before I begin, for those of you who are wondering about the title I chose for this post and who are too young to remember the American TV sitcom, “Mister Ed,” which was about a talking horse, I bring you this:

Okay, back to the business at hand. The topic for the this “blog hop” poem is:

Ode to the Writers of Words

and here’s how Rory kicked things off:

I am quite the writer you know, it has to be said,
My imagination runs wild, loose and amok,
Creating literary…

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