Question Fun or Fun Questions?

Amoralegria played the Question Fun and awards us all with some well thought out and constructed answers – nicely done 🙂

Wanderlust and Wonderment

There’s a Guy Called Bloke who twice a week dreams up a series of weird or far-out questions meant to stretch the mind. The topic for these particular questions is Creativity. Consider my mind stretched, Bloke! Here goes:

What is creativity?
The ability to create, invent or imagine something new or in new ways. There are many types of creativity and many ways of looking at it. Every human being is or has the ability to be creative in some way.

Is creativity a good thing to have?
Absolutely! I never leave home without it!

How much does a mountain weigh?
Not being a geologist, I guess this calls for a creative answer. I would answer with another question: How big is the mountain? Sometimes a mountain is no more than slightly bigger than a hill. It depends on your perspective. If you live in Colorado, where you see…

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