Watching Shrek

Shrek Rocks! GOT move over and allow the Donkey to come through!

This is a very special moment in history of animated movies.

Because I am watching shrek right now. I’m aprox 30 minutes into the movie and I already feel I just checked a long awaited adventure off the list.

Let me explain why.

Shrek is for me like game of thrones.







Of thro…


I know!! Please dont freak out.

I am sorry.

I reaction when I tell people I do not watch got is bewilderment to say the least.

So shrek is like that.

I have seen at least 95% of all animated movies. Man I even watch rango and and that trees movie and I think every movie.

Their duration matches with my flights and they are safe for families as I don’t want a random kid peering into my screen and sink in a state of shock or break into…

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