The Screaming Banshee!



The Screaming Banshee!

So yesterday this was a conversation between Suze and myself, with her starting it off “Babes, do you ever get so thoroughly pissed off with people and their bloody apathy towards the planet, that you want to get up and walk over to them pick them up turn them upside down and whack their heads on the floor?”

Me being atypically me, as in Aspie me, answered with “I am not sure if you would have the strength to do that Suze, l mean take your brother he is built like Beano’s Desperate Dan, how would you be able to pick him u………” I stopped when l saw the glare.

“Stop being so literal!” Suze snapped, “I am speaking metaphorically!”

“Oh right, well if that’s the case, then yes, l want to knock many people’s heads together. Why?”

Suze yesterday had gone off to visit some of her friends and her brother went as well. There was ‘finger food’ laid on by the friends and most of it was meat orientated and non gluten free. Now her friends most assuredly knew about her gluten free situtation as well as the other intolerances we both have, because it was them who encouraged us to finally go to see their Vega tester in 2016, who was able to finally diagnose my 20 year stomach problem and Suze’s intolerances. So there was no excuse for them not knowing the gluten free thing, and one for them not knowing about the new no meat ruling.

Suze said she was explaining the no meat ruling and as such we were both pescatarian and she said she became very annoyed with their response because her friends laughed at her whilst her brother rolled his eyes at her. They then challenged her as to ‘why’ she has chosen this path? To which she responded with that “A person’s diet or eating preferences are as personal a choice to them as are religious and political choices to another. It all comes down to a matter of personal choice.”

Still they thought she was being foolish about this, and insisted on knowing the reasons why. If that had been me, l would have told them to fuck off. The reason l wasn’t there yesterday is because in 2017 those particular friends and l parted company because l didn’t like their attitude towards me over what was going on in my life [my depression] and they judged me because of my Aspergers. So we are no longer friends, we have very different opinions to things regarding the planet.

They support devoutly a certain American President and his views about the planet, whilst l most assuredly do not, they are judgemental people which l don’t need in my life, they turned on me for my mental health and criticised me, l don’t need that either, they attacked my Aspergers and l don’t need that. Combine all that with their pathetic attitude towards the planet and global warming is just another conspiracy factor invented by the tree huggers – and l do not need to hear that kind of imbecilic conversation either from so called intelligent peoples.

It is not up to me to decide who Suze is friends with and as long as it doesn’t affect me, then it’s no bother. Although l did tell her, that if they upset you just once, they would have me to deal with because l would turn the nuclear  switch onto them!

All this aside, so Suze yesterday came back livid! Almost Screaming Banshee status! To which point her next mode of conversation was this …. “How hard is it to establish a blog? l think l want one now, but could l call it the Screaming Banshee?”

“You can call it whatever you want sweetheart, it’s your blog, but if you don’t select a name for it too quickly you can change the SB title to something that is more suiting your actual personality rather than just your actual temper. What do you want to write about in your blog?”

“Well l want to discuss ‘fuckwittery’ in people for starters! Plus l want to talk about conservation, and eco-friendly products, and eco environmental stuff, and why am l still getting these bloody hot flushes still despite being post menopausal, so menopause as well. Because it shouldn’t be taboo and it still is, and l want to discuss mental health and autism as well!”

“Right okay, then you want to have a name that envelopes all that, but allows for your diversity as well, so maybe the Screaming Banshee [SB] might be appropriate or mebbee not diverse enough. But l think it’s brilliant that you are now thinking more solidly for a blog of your own.”

“Right well l am, so l would like you to think of a name, ask your readership perhaps, they might be able to stir up some ideas for me!”

So there we go folks, Suze wants to have a blog discussing those things above, is thinking of calling herself The Screaming Banshee unless something else comes along. So what would your suggestions be for Suze’s blog name?

Let me know below.

Thanks Rory

30 thoughts on “The Screaming Banshee!

  1. I like screaming banshee, it has a certain impact. But there would be other names with a wider range of subjects.

    1. Yes l know, l am more impressed with the fact that l think she really does want to start a blog now, and the SB really was her temper speaking only 🙂

    1. Hey Jay-lyn – so currently …

      The Screaming Banshee – 3
      Potentially Another Title – 1

      We will have to see – hope you are keeping well, l am stopping by your blog later to catch up 🙂

  2. Love The Screaming Banshee! I’m totally into rants, especially about one’s so-called friends. I’ll subscribe right away to be supportive and also so I can comment about my “friends” in comments where they won’t see! 😀

    1. Hey Paula, l too love The screaming Banshee and was all for creating her blog yesterday with that name, but said ‘you can have that or something else, but l do actually like SB’.

      I think Suze would rant, if she had of had a blog then yesterday most assuredly would have been mentioned lol 🙂

  3. I like the Screaming Banshee. You know, because of our (my husband and me) vegetarian status it’s become harder to attend social events. If appetizers are served, we never know if there will be vegetarian options unless they specifically say so. And most don’t say so.

    1. Exactly – another vote for The Screaming Banshee and maybe Cheryl’s suggestion of “Much Ado About Everything’ as the tag line.

  4. I really like the Screaming Banshee title! Suze can scream on her own blog about whatever comes along she’s interested in.
    I have a few food considerations, too, that people just don’t get. Being diabetic I shouldn’t eat sweets, but sometimes that’s all that is served, and they say, oh just a little won’t hurt! haha or things with seeds…can’t eat those either, so exceptions have to be made for me, with lots of eye rolling or wanting lengthy explanations…
    So, yes I’d love to follow a blog from Suze! 🙂

    1. Hey Barbara 🙂

      Thanks for the vote for the Screaming Banshee.

      I think there is a need for more blogs that speak out with regards food issues, it is almost becoming taboo with the amount of stigma that is attached to it and you think seriously? Food Taboo??

    1. Yay, l was telling Suze about this tonight and she was like “What, you actually did it?”

      I was like “Really was l being too literal then, and you were somehow speaking metaphorically again??”

      “No, l am definitely going through with it this time!”


  5. The Screaming Banshee I think will work perfectly for the topics that she wants to write! I’m glad to hear that she decided to go into it 🎉
    Who needs that so called “friends”…friends never have to judge us for our decisions…they can express their opinion of course but never can judge…

  6. I just really like the fact that you cancelled your friendship with people who sound like bastards. And you’ve maintained your disassociation with them. Well done you! The Why? questions about vegetarianism (and other related choices) don’t stop in time either; I think the insecurities other people are plagued with surface when they see someone doing something positive for themselves. It’s masked by “challenge” (i.e. what is your reason for that) but I believe it’s deeper than just the question. Also, I like The Screaming Banshee.

    1. Hey Gabrielle – l totally agree with you, l think it is an insecurity issue, a bit like the general fear factor many people feel when faced with something new 🙂

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