Question Fun a la Rory

Paula – the first to tackle Question Fun comes stomping back in full steam reminding us she is one funny funny funny lady – Bless those who have the name Rocky and so right women are great at cleaning shit up, why not give the ladies of the world a go, so totally right!

Light Motifs II

Today’s topic is ………….. Creativity & Imagination!

What is creativity?

What isn’t?

Is creativity a good thing to have?

Until you poke your eye out…

How much does a mountain weigh?

On which planet?

If the wheel had not have been inventented, where we would be now?

Rockin’ but not rollin’ 🎶

How many books in the average library?

100 (average ~ C ~ 100).

Why do we wear shoes, l mean is it really important?

Yes, actually. You can die from a foot infection.

What’s more important, creativity, imagination or knowledge and why?

Depends on the situation.

Do you think that creativity is part of human nature or is it something that must be nurtured and learned? I mean are we born creative?

Born creative and it’s stifled by life’s drudgery.

What’s the worst name you could give a raccoon?


What the best name you could…

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