Lost in the Musical Serpent



Lost in the Musical Serpent

Drifting off as only l can,
Intoxicated again,
Never hear the rhythm in the air,
Movies make believe atmosphere,
That such it should be,
Feeling the beat inside of me,
Out and about as l drift,
Resonating musical rift,
Serpent she is but an illusion,
Adding to creative confusions,
Bouncing off the sky,
This is only right,
Lost in the scintillating trance,
Beats to the rhythm enhanced,
Would it not be so great?
If life was in this state,
Relaxing to the head tunes,
Waves shrilling like balloons,
Music in the air,
Rhythms for all to share,
Need not for a heard voice,
Radiating soul noises!
Drifting even further into,
Sinking deeper me you,
Each piece different,
Like a musical serpent,
Lost in rhythm, lost in sound,
Trance pulsating to drown
Bouncing beats within,
Space clouds, shadow sin,
Never does there be reason,
As long as you are believing,
Sound cloud trance,
Techno romance!
Mutation of mind back time,
Rhythm rhyme crimes
Don’t be scared or afraid,
Let go, love is made,
Throbbing strain,
Intrinsically linked again,
Soul sailing on dark winds,
All the same one mind,
Breaking out, breaking in,
One crime within,
Is but a dark abyss,
Drifting outwards of crevice,
Filling heart and mind,
Alive is the crime!
Storms dancing on brain,
Emotions shivering delightfully again,
Rhythmically lost, lost in sound,
Struggle not, relax in surround!

© Rory Matier 2018

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