To Bean or Not To Bean or Just Too Many Bean?


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May 2019

To Bean or Not To Bean or Just Too Many Bean?

This spring has bean difficult, not perhaps on beans, but on many other of our seedlings. We are still in spring, and the weather has not been playing ball with us down here in Kent. Normally we have some very mild weather and from memory this time last year we had much hardier plants and seedlings alike because we had had more sun and warmer weather by this time. However 12 months is a long time in the gardeners world and more so especially this last 12 months or rather first five months of 2019.

IMG_0133 (2)

IMG_0134 (2)

Some of our seedlings are now under cloches and propagators in the final stage before being planted to the ground. We acclimatize during the day, by placing them outside.

IMG_0135 (2)

It’s either bean too cold, too windy, too wet, too blah blah and way too meh to actually get anything done of any merit!

IMG_0136 (2)

Sadly our own peppers so far haven’t seeded, but these shop ones are doing very well indeed. Perhaps a sowing of peppers now might help.

Many of our seedlings simply haven’t taken that well from our early sowings in seed trays – this is NOT saying they didn’t take, for many did, but many did not take at all. So with the warmer weather [perhaps and maybe] moving in now, we will have to plant a second sitting of seeds probably direct to the ground.

IMG_0146 (2)

Our own Runner Beans are doing remarkably well, too well in some respects, if anything we WILL have lots of beans, 41 plants here, so if all else fails at least we will have lots of beans!

Today we, although not really a literal we, but more of a proverbial we, mostly Suze with little bits of me, hence ‘we’ have been busy. Well not really, l as in me, of the we, but l was outside and l did what l could! So for a brief moment the proverbial we became a literal we too! Is that we too or we two? Bit like bean and been really! Always a play on words.

However today Suze was adamant to start the planting out after all she said “It’s bloody May!” So Potatoes and the runner beans hit the soil, and so too did the pansy’s finally.

Where the literal we comes into play out of the proverbial we is in the following sequence, not that you can see my ‘we’ part, but l held the tops of the wigwams together [left hand] and then took photos. Well someone had to on both counts right?

IMG_0137 (2)

Preparing the runner bean beds – turning over the soil and layering on and raking in fresh compost surface soils.

IMG_0138 (2)

IMG_0155 (2)

Wigwam one sited ……….

…………………… wigwam two straightened up!

IMG_0156 (2)

Supporting strutt bar.

IMG_0159 (2)


IMG_0160 (2)

Beds to be planted up and secured to wigwams ……


Beds planted ….

…… and jobs a good un!

IMG_0173 (2)

Today the runners, tomorrow the wor ….. no, that’s not right – l mean something else, maybe the courgettes or the radishes, yeah probably the protective radishes.

So how about everyone else, have you started to plant out yet?

13 thoughts on “To Bean or Not To Bean or Just Too Many Bean?

        1. Brilliant news Michelle, Suze and l love peas and we planted from seed about 12 plants – sadly only two made it through and so we have to sow a fresh batch 🙂

            1. Yes they are, but the weather is really appalling at present, we are still having arctic weather here, it was snowing yesterday, so we need some more warmth for seeds to take 🙂

          1. Something new about ours at first but I think I’ve solved the problem now they’re starting to climb

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