QQ: So Blog Aside, Who Are You, Really?



QQ: So Blog Aside, Who Are You, Really?

Today is the 30th Question of Season 2. There’ll not be another season for this particular series. With the information you have provided with your answers you have enabled and allowed me to see how you enjoy your blogging. How passionate you are about the way you write, invent and create your content. You have clearly displayed everything l wanted to know, and aye there may be other answers to come from missed questions and l DO look forward to those, but for the time being your  answers have made it possible for the following new features to come around this year from my blog.

I will be writing on these in due course, but for a heads up in the next few months l will be introducing a podcast feature called In-Blog Life,  with another series called Waistcoat Weekly, of course there will be the one l will start work on now, called Blogger Reviewer, which ties in with the two aforementioned new features as well as tying in with the Truly Inspired series, but also, a project that l have been working on quite dilligently in the last few months and is still in its early stages, but that will be launched towards the end of 2019. So thank you all for taking part and allowing me to see you all clearly it’s been a real pleasure.

But however, what l would like to know now on our final question, if you are willing, is who are you really, blog aside? I can see how you blog, write and produce both creative and topical content, that’s easy, but who are you outside of the blog. So can you let me know a bit more about you, that you’re willing to share, irrelevant if you have discussed it in countless posts of yours before – whilst l might remember more than most can imagine and l do, many cannot and do not, so it’s nice to see that.Panic not, this is not a request for State secrets or anything hyper personal, this can be favourite colours, or foods, pets you have, dreams you have, wishes, holidays anything that explains a bit more about you over your blog. In no less that one paragraph and no more than three please let me know a bit more about you in the comments section below – many thanks Rory

39 thoughts on “QQ: So Blog Aside, Who Are You, Really?

  1. Who I am? Hmmm…just a simple person trying to enjoy life on this amazing planet and looking forward to see at least another one 😊 Until then, nature is my call, hoping that my dream, my cozy cottage by the sea and at least 3 dogs will realise soon 😊🤪

  2. I am a woman and mother. I love animals and we have two cats. A 13 or so female named Lucky and a 4 year old named Thomas. I work in Customer Service and am really good at my job. Once upon a time I was an uptight had to be in control of everything to ensure I did not fail or fall out of place A type personality. Since facing my demons I am totally changed. I no longer need or want to be in control or have responsibility other than looking after T and myself. Ensuring bills are paid and food on the table. I have never ever been as happy with myself with my life than I am now. I am a reader. I am a friend. I am me.

    1. What’s the link Larry. During the day, l mostly write and it’s only in the evening l look at other blogs, sometimes l miss things 🙂

  3. What you read on my blog, is me. The whole warped package is simply me. I throw no punches, I don’t hide behind the curtain, I’m honest, and Lord knows, I have a sense of humor.
    My blog and I are an open book. Although, to be fair… I am more reserved, an introvert, and isolated from the real world outside of my blog. Okay… So, maybe I do hide behind the curtain. LOL!

  4. I am a wife, pet parent, writer, and blogger who happens to be bipolar. I am Filipino, a Chicagoan, and an American. As Beckie mentioned, my blog is me.

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