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QQ: How Important To You Is It To Make An Impact?

I mean, we all like to be appreciated for the content we produce in our blogs. We enjoy the interaction and engagement from our readerships. We want to feel that we are reaching out, we like to feel that some of our audience might feel a resonation and/or relatability to what we write, right?

We want people to not feel alone and or isolated, we want them to feel welcomed to our community, and so we must hope that our writing means something to some one else and not just us, right?

Is it important to make an impact with our readership?

People seemingly don’t always like the word impact and yet whether you use that or perhaps influence or connection – we ALL like to think we are achieving something of worth, otherwise what is the point? We ALL ask ourselves at one point or another the question of, ‘What am l achieving in my life, can anyone else hear me, or am l simply alone?’ We would all like to think we are leaving our mark in some form or another.

You are passionate about what you do, so it’s only understandable that we hope that others are getting something from our content, right?

So, how important is it to you to make an impact on someone else, or your readership, and more so, when you have achieved that and someone compliments you for a job well done – how do you feel? But also, can you list ways that in your eyes your writing and your blog and even you might make an impact on your readerships?

Ps: A side question – but how often do you press/follow an internal link in a blog post? When a writer includes a link to another post of their work  in a current post, do you look at that or not?

Let me know below – cheers.

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  1. Let me get to the p.s. before I get to the rest. I usually don’t’ click internal links because chances are I’ve already read their other post. I have zero expectation that people will click my internal links. They’re still accomplishing their SEO purposes, and they’re available to readers if they happen to feel like browsing.
    I feel like I’ve had the biggest impact if someone comments that I’ve written about what they’re experiencing but that people don’t often talk about. That tends to happen when I write about things that I might be inclined to be embarrassed about if I cared sufficiently to be worried about it.

    1. Hey Ashley,l press your links – it was how l found your other blog with some truly great posts in there.

      Quality answer in so far as the question though, so thank you 🙂

  2. I used to want to make an impact; it was really important to me. I had dreams of writing a great novel that would influence people. But I’ve accepted that this won’t happen. Now I’m fine if a few people comment on a poem.

    I generally don’t click links unless they’re to the poster’s book. I don’t want to listen to video clips or go read some explanation of a thing. I have too many more posts in my feed to get through as it is!

  3. It’s not important at all. The purpose of my blog overall is for me to process things in writing that I’m not making progress doing in my head. I like the interaction, and I’m grateful that some people find my stuff readable, but impact? Nah.

  4. Make an impact I don’t know….but definitely is important to see that through my posts I’m able to make people smile and feel a little bit better sometimes.
    For the internal links, sometimes I click sometimes I don’t….depending if I saw the posts already or depending of the subject…

    1. Hey Gary, l think you need to give yourself more credit my friend 🙂 I read a lot of blogs, and l assure you, your reading isn’t crap 🙂

    2. Hey! You do not write crap! You give insight to a situation which is important and that more people will understand.Keep posting and good luck to you!

  5. I am not sure that having an “impact” is important to me, but making a connection is. Writing something that others can relate to and want to respond to makes me feel that I’ve connected. But the shelf-life of blog posts is so short, I really don’t expect my posts to have a real, long lasting impact. As to links, it depends on the nature of the link. If I feel it’s relevant, I will click on it. If it’s not something that is critical to my getting the most out of the post, I won’t.

    1. Hey Fandango it’s reflective interpretation isn’t it? Impact, connection, influence, resonation and relatability all good words and all loosely and at times directly the same.

      If l was to punch a wall, my fist impacts upon it, my first made a connection with the surface, and my fist was influenced by that hard surface. Now if someone saw me do that, they may come over and sensing my frustration, could relatability, ‘oh l did that very same thing last year, l can relate to that that. Therefore the two of us are sharing a resonating moment …of sorts, it’s all reflective interpretation – these things do make an impact on people as does our writing and the content we produce … they may not always say it at the time, but say if you had punched that wall last year, and someone brought that back up with you and said your post had made an impact on my day?

      All of all the words once more are present, l think that’s the beauty of written content, because it’s always there and should people wish to look it back up, they can.

      1. All good points, Rory. I guess I put more weight on the word “impact,” as in what Donald Trump is doing is having a negative impact on the environment.

  6. It makes my whole day when I receive a positive comment on one of my posts, especially if it’s something they’ve found useful. If I like a post or writer, I will often click on internal posts to read more of their writing.

      1. I write more for myself than anything else. I don’t have any impact, I just write what comes to mind. I don’t look at stats because they don’t mean anything in the long run. I love when people take the time to comment, as we all do. Interaction continued from that comment is a definite bonus.

  7. I don’t think I make an impact by anything I write. I am certainly appreciative when another blogger finds my writing interesting, or I receive a compliment. But, I don’t think an “Impact” is what I’m striving to do. I prefer keeping my blog in a natural flow, making others feel comfortable, and if I can help someone along the way by simply listening to them, that in itself is a reward.

  8. Reading all the answers above, it is my opinion, and I have lots of them…is that this is a great community despite wp problems. It worries me to think some of you may leave to another forum because of those problems. I’ve “met” so many great interesting people of all walks of life here and enjoy it wholeheartedly.

    1. Hey Cheryl, well said, l worry at times with the WP comments glitches, many comments are not being left, even if you have written one, they are simply not appearing. I have had today alone comments that were left on my blog five days ago suddenly appear in my pending file. I check l that everyday, and they weren’t there yesterday, but they appeared this morning from five days ago! This is more than a little Grr sistuation and one that WP do need to address.

      But it is a good community, that is solid in its universal friendship bond.

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