FSCW Words!


The FSCW Words

Has one actually ever thought?
Just how many words make it?
Into the market place before being caught,
By popularity and trendy phatists?

Not that phat is in vogue anymore,
And if you are anyone, don’t go there,
Urban Dictionary places it now in the bottom drawer,
And to utter it, is simply unfair,

In the modernistic society that appreciates,
Words that are useless and mean nothing,
But wordsmiths are the ones that create,
New phrases for the young, the discerning,

Minds that find actual English trite,
And prefer to spout from their mouths,
Crap, rubbish and all other things shite!
It is of course okay to misuse words in,
Such a fashion conscious way,
That misplaces the true realistic meaning,
From their design of originality!

So to be sick is not poorly,
And mint is not fresh,
Ill now means healthy,
Whilst the other is proud flesh?
I mean like WTF is that all about?
Personally l prefer the FSCW words,
At least you know whether you are in or out,
Rich coming from me, the ultra-nerd!
And where or what the Dickens,
…. Is innit?
Which is now all over ‘Great’ Britain!
Just bin it!

As a nation we are sorely being tested,
By the youthful, fashion heads of today,
Who think of nothing better than being bested,
By new and ‘exciting’ nonsensical spray,

Formulating goodness alone knows where,
By geek drips who have nowt better to do,
Than creating rubbish phraseology to ensnare,
And further encourage the young to speak poo!

What makes me seriously laugh!
Is that to speak out of fashion phrase,
Actually is considered being faux pas,
So bizarre outspoken nothings are blasé?
How is that actually considered to be,
Ridiculous non-meaning words,
Now trendy and found in Urban Dictionary,
Are to be the in thing in terms of heard?

Simply confused is l, safe to say,
That such moronic statements are now in,
And used across the nation every day,
Being old fashioned, and one for sin,
I will continue to use the language taught,
From my tender years to now,
And play it cool on my own sport,
FSCW you all, and how!

Society continue along in your own stupid,
Ways of wrong spoken doing,
Yeah, phat, ill, mint, sick and innit,
FSCW you all, you are all fit for urban abusin’

© Rory Matier 2012


11 thoughts on “FSCW Words!

    1. If l told you that l would have to kill you – however – that aside it is 4 profanities … l am forever swearing, don’t get me wrong, l can hold a perfectly solid conversation without ever swearing, but if l am serious pizzed off l have been known to utter nonsensical swaer words, and in the spirit of this poem as it deals with nonsense words FSCW actually stands for …
      F### Sh#t C##k Wa###r!

      I have written it like this Larry, because l am pretty sure l read on one of your posts somewhere that you don’t like to swear publicly – l could be so terribly wrong, but whilst l will include language of the sort in my written work, when answering someone directly such as in a comment like now – l don’t 🙂

      1. Yay I’m not in the habit of cussing but I was a twelve year old kid (my symbol for a potty mouth) for a while so I get the gist of it.

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