5 Ways To Become A Joyful Blogger

I feel l am going to spoil you all today with Renard’s superb posts and articles on blogging – here’s the first – being a joyful blogger – having an optimistic energy .

This is what l want to be.

Renard's World


It is a sad fact, that the blogosphere is filled with lots of angry bloggers. We have all seen our fair share of angry rants online from dissatisfied people (Now, even though those people have a right to express themselves via their blog, the anger and the bitterness can be a bit overbearing at times).

From a psychological point of view, most people will gravitate towards the following types of blog posts:

  • Blog posts that make them feel better.
  • Blog posts that provide viewers with solutions to problems.
  • Blog posts that educate them.
  • Blog posts that entertain them.

So, it is no big secret, that the people who publish articles based on the things that were mentioned, receive lots of views from people from around the globe.

And, guess what?

Being a joyful blogger will enable you to publish those types of blog posts with ease. Therefore, becoming a…

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