4 Paws Diary – Ep 38


Episode 38

4 Paws Diary

05th May 2019

“Mummy does the Crazy Yummy Dance!”

Hey All!

I have to be honest and tell you all, l am really quite excited about the new discovery Mummy has made with regards my diet and food!! You may recall dad wrote in one of his Dear Blog episodes about he and Mummy finally saying no more to meat, and whilst they haven’t become full on vegetarians or vegans, they are now officially pescatarians full time.  I have over heard them planning dish this and dish that, and mummy becoming all excited over all sorts of new dishes. Dad said that as l am a descendant from the wolf and as such a carnivore that l would syill be allowed my chicken which l am rather pleased about.  But l also happen to like fish a lot, so l am very lucky that l can srill have the skins from the salmon when mummy and dad havit.

On Friday l also had some whitefish which was ultra yummy – but l had a talk with mummy last week and said that l felt guilty that l was still having meat when they were not. mummy said l was being silly and not to worry about it and that dad was right about me being a carnoivore. But l also told her that l could be a pescatarian too and would she look out for a nice new fishy dish dog food for me?

Guess what everyone? Mummy was good to her word and she found me a great fishy dish dog food!! I had dad help me with the preparation of the images but they are below. This food is awesome, truly – no fibs! Dad says it stinks and even more so when l start eating it. But l cannot get enough of it!!

Of course l still have my Butchers meat, and my cooked chicken, but l think l am turning into a pescatarian because of this new fish food for dogs!!! Dad however says it makes me fart a lot more than normal which he can live with, but l sleep a lot under his desk, and this is when he starts to complain more!!

Here it is! The food that may smell absolutely hideous [dad’s words] but tastes absolutely scrumptuous!


Out of carton!


Easy to open [even to clumsy dad’s] and quick to serve!


Oh be still my fluttering heart – here it is! It’s got vegetables too!!


How awesome is this???

Oh yes, the title of this post …. that’s easy … mummy does this strange little dance that she calls the ‘Yummy in my Tummy’ dance! Every time the fishy dish fish food is in my bowl and it has just come out of the box, she starts doing the dance .. she says to encourage me to eat it?? Well let me say this, l don’t need encouragement to eat this as it is 100% delishfishous! But it’s funny watching mummy doing the dance  and pretending to not want to eat … even dad laughs when he sees mummy doing the Yummy Tummy Dance!!

I don’t think it will be long before l become a full time pescatarian myself!

Thanks for reading folks, catch you later in the month! So …

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

me two

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    1. Hey Barb, oh absolutely its sooooooooooooooo scrummy, buuuuuut dad says its smelly and he’s right – it smells great!!! 🙂

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