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A question first – every morning l offer out a greeting to my readership, there is some music attached and a new feature has been the dedicated call out, as well as an inspiration quote – do you like this Daily Greeting or do you not? Would you prefer it at a different time to the time l post date it for as an example or are you not bothered by its presence? I had thought of reblogging it every twelve hours so that is in everyone’s time zone more reflectively.


I have decided to drop the Snifty Challenges – they were implemented originally as some fun and also to help me shift off a major surplus of Snifty Scented pens l had which were part of my businesses marketing promotion,which got screwed over by distributors a few years ago leaving me with just under 1000 scented pens and no place for them go.

Every time we had a winner l would ship out a set of 4/5 pens to the winner which l was pleased to do, but l don’t think many people use pens any more.

If anyone would like a free full set of five pens, please drop me an email and l will send you out a set.


I have been doing some thinking today and have decided to slim down my created prompts. I try to offer a selection of fun prompts that cover a range of diversity across poetry, crime, creative, questions and quote. However many bloggers furnish the readerships with a host of assorted prompts and so, l figured that some of mine might be a little too complex, so they need to go.

Below are the Prompts l am keeping that run on either a weekly basis or a monthly basis. Flexi is the genre that caters to the new ‘Monthly prompts’ [Prompts that run throughout the month]


Prompt Title


Once Upon A Blog Crime – Every 10 Days


3.2.1 Quote Me! – Weekly


Currently : Late Night Quick Draw – Weekly


Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! – Every 2 Weeks

Creative Fun

New Features in construction


Planned In : What A Disaster: 

Planned In : The Wackiest Alphabet Race Ever!

Currently discarded are: What’s My Story, Spin The Yarn, The Prompt Box


As you know l have two features one for film and one for music, they are respectively titled The Greats of our Time and Theme of the Week. I am planning this weekend to amalgamate these two features under one title – so which of those two titles would you prefer to see for music and film?

The Greats of our Time   OR   Theme of the Week

Thanks all, if you let me know your views, thoughts, opinions and suggestions below, that would be most helpful. I would really appreciate your input – so please don’t just press like and not say anything.



17 thoughts on “Changes to Blog Message

  1. I like your Daily Greeting! Believe it or not I had saved a few posts with the pens but then I was not able to find them all during the week..I missed a few 😓 and then Singapore is way too far…🤪 Oh and I like The Greats of our Time, so nice memories 😊

  2. I don’t know why people like this post and then say nothing. What’s the point of that?

    Okay, so I like the cheery morning call out, though i sometimes miss it due to sleep/work. I enjoy the Crime posts and the Quickie questions. Likewise the star posts. Maybe weekly is good for movies. Are you combining a star with a movie selection? What about singers then?

    As far as the other prompts, they did get too complicated for me. I liked the Valentine stories I created but they took a lot of time. For the others, I decided I don’t like creating fiction about myself. My fish story was a lie, and while it was fun because no one guessed, it made me uncomfortable to think about doing more.

    1. Hey Paula, thanks for commenting – we both know why people do what they do, l was thinking the same and YES l was somewhat pissed off lol! Why like the damn thing when l am very specifically asking for input??

      Answer – they’re not actually reading it – l guess it shows who likes for the sake of liking but not reading – it’s a frustration of mine as l can’t just LIKE anything without reading it, which is why l am always struggling to read all the bloggers posts around me because l do read the damn posts and then like, comment or share but only once l have read the posts!! Grr

      I am working on losing a couple of the other prompters as well, and l guess because of that small conversation we had yesterday was something which prompted me to rethink 🙂

      What l am going to do is put the films and the singers under one title. Currently l do a movie star a week and l do more of the music groups and bands because l love music. So movies are currently called the ‘Greats’ whilst music is called Theme, l am thinking of putting everything under one title being Theme of the Week.

      I think it means more to me as a question because of this … [my OCD] my two directories …. and

      As most readers tend to only view via the scroller it probably doesn’t matter that much – but because l only view blog posts through the actual blog site l sometimes think everyone does that and therefore they do see all the work l have done with my blog ha ha – no that’s not the case.

      Hence what l wish to do is have technically two directories under one title and on one page 🙂

    1. Hey Barb, thanks for your comment – yes l agree – l think the better title for both is Theme of the Week – or a vaiation so many thanks 🙂

  3. I like the daily greetings. Theme of the week is good. Sorry to see the What’s my story being discontinued.

    1. Hi Sadje, thank you for the input – I am keeping the daily greetings for a fact – l might have to review the time it goes out, or l might alter it to a more universal title and have it displayed twice in 24 hours to reach a broader audience.

      Theme of the week is the title being kept, which will now be for films and music.

      What’s my story was only somewhat popular, l think you and Larry and Kristian were the main supporters, but there are so many visual prompts out there that people are just spoiled for choices.

      In the next couple of weeks there are going to be a lot of changes to my blog, these are just the starters.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

        1. Don’t worry there will be other things l am really doing a lot of work behind the scenes today, as l said earlier loads of changes, possibly about 100 changes will be made by this weekend 🙂

          So there is sure to be something come along 🙂

            1. Very, very much so, most of the stuff l am putting out today is very generic, but l will write about these changes later in a Dear Blog episode 🙂

    1. Hey Teacup 🙂

      Happy Saturday to you, the morning greeting is staying, the Theme of the Week is changing to reflect the almgamation to Theme Times 🙂

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