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I like the word Impact, it is a good solid word – although many don’t like the word itself because it may make them think of alternative words like collision or crash, or even accident or perhaps strike. But l don’t view Impact like that, l view it as having an effect on someone in the postive theme and not in the negative way.

Of course many people prefer the word influence, which is a nicer way of basically saying ‘impact’ and if not that, then most assuredly ‘imprint’ or even consequence or perhaps significance or maybe … moment. Of course having a moment is then very similiar to the word ‘connection’. For those who don’t like the harshness or directness of the word impact, many like the calmer effect awarded by the word connection which also happens to be alternated into ‘contact’ or kindred or perhaps reciprocity or even in association with. But ultimately all these words can complete a cycle and come back to positive impact.

Which is why l prefer the word ‘impact’ or more precisely ‘positive impact’. I prefer to say it as it is and not shy around it.

I like the idea that we all at one point or another make a positive impact on another person,  another human being. Let’s think on that for a moment shall we? Whilst we try to ‘connect’… what are good ways to make an impact upon another person?

1] We could give more to others, more than is expected for sure.

2] We could help people more.

3] Say thank you more often.

4] Spend time with people

5] Help your community out

5] Share more of your time with others

6] Nurture friendships, relationships, companionships

7] Make someone’s day or surprise them

8] Make someone laugh, smile or know that their not alone.

I personally get a nice feeling inside if l think l made someone’s day, or had an effect on them, and l should imagine that many of you are exactly the same. It means all said and done, that you have made a positive impact onto their lives in some way, no matter how small it is.

If we were to transfer that emotion to ourselves as bloggers, then l would say all of us do strive to make an impact, influence another, have an effect on or connect with another person in some way, and if that helped another person feel good about themselves or did remind them, that they are not alone then that most assuredly is centralising the positive impact.

I have one of the last QQ’s floating around before it is added to the Blogger Reviewer which is “How Important To You Is It To Make An Impact?”  Answering from my perspective, l think it is very important to have an effect or make a positive impact upon another in whatever way, shape or form it takes, as that is way better than having a negative effect or impact on a person. I try to do what l can with my blog, good or bad, l try things out as best l can to try and make that impact occur for another person.

Be this, making a person think differently, write differently, smile or laugh or just remember that they are not alone in this vast world of ours.

Where l can l share another bloggers work, irrelevant if it has already been posted, because in WP things can disappear very quickly – we live in a world where people are incredibly and remarkably over expectant of things, they want things then and now, and don’t often enough have the time to plough their way through countless posts, so if a reblog of another’s writing is then spotted the second time rather than being missed the first time published, then this is a good thing for another blogger as more eyes are viewing the content.

I call out as many bloggers as l can so as to say hello, l try to be community orientated as much as l can, as l think it is an unwritten ruling if you wish in WordPress – of course l could be horribly wrong.

I try my hardest to get around to as many of my readership in one given week, it’s a struggle, because l dedicate 20 minutes to every blog, l read the content of several posts within that time frame and like, comment or share. I try to very specifically attend to 15/6 blogs per night, as it is night time that l read my blogger friends’ content. This is not including interaction and engagement via my own written content to where upon my readership comment and like, as that is seperate during the entirety of my time online WP. I have to say it is hard work, and currently l am behind by a few days, and l struggle to maintain it, but every week l have managed to secure the blog content of 100 of my most interactive readers.

I know many readers don’t always read content, they just like it – l can’t do that, it awards me a bad taste in my mouth, so l must read and then like and comment, as that seems fairer and at least l do know what l am liking – but of course this means l am slower in my reciprocation of many of my own readership, so l apologise. But l am only human.

I write a lot and l am always working on my blog, but l do what l can and when l can and above everything, l try to help others out as much as l am able.

But l like to think that the stuff l am doing and producing is having an effect or positive impact on another – but l know through comments and emails that it is and it does, so l am achieving my goals.

In the last 96 hours, 7 bloggers have unwittingly made an impact on me in the positive, negative and objective arenas. So much so, that l did stop dead last night in my tracks and sat back and did some real heavy pondering on my blog, and how l maintain it. I had an epiphany, l like epiphanies – as it makes me think and hard think, and the one thing l love is hard thinking!

So today, l have been working very dilligently in the vaults of my blog and making changes to how l run and maintain things.

I am going to share those changes with you now …

Every three months l change my About page, l also change it if l am changing the blog in any way, because l find that my blog changes its innerface once every three months. I almagamated two directories into one [still working on that to tidy it up] But The Greats of our Time and Theme of the Week were made into one directory which is now called Theme Times and that ‘s where all the music and film links are listed.

Like Teresa of the Haunted Wordsmith did a couple of weeks ago, l too have decided to slim down my prompts, some of them were a little complicated, but l like prompts like that myself, but not everyone does, so many of those will not see airtime anymore. But l am keeping on board 321, Once Upon A Blog Crime, there will always be Question Prompts which l have now decided to simply call Question Fun,  Not Just My Verse is staying as l love rhyming poetry and l will always ensure that l have a couple of creative fun/game prompts on board.

I have decided to no longer have any of the Snifty Pen competitions on the go, but l will be introducing a special free feature once a month of offering out three ‘full five sets of the pens’ to three bloggers anywhere in the world.

I will still be creating the seasonal prompts for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and so on and of course as a few of my friends know, l am currently working on a much bigger project that will be a twice yearly project, which will be revealed in December 2019.

The I Just Wanted To Say! feature will still be in place, but will be blogged at 6.55 am and pm daily so that everyone sees it as that is a popular community feature. A lot of the other regular features are staying like the K9, Feline and Petz Interviews, Scrappy’s features, the Truly Inspired Interview series [and to those who have written to me today, thank you l will answer you all very shortly], Random Quotes, Stories and Tales, Poetry, Topical posts, Dear Blog they are all staying.

Three new feature series to be introduced such as In-Blog Life, Waistcoat Weekly and Blogger Reviewer are also still online for staying.

In finishing, my genuine thanks to the 7 bloggers who unknowingly started these changes – seriously, l appreciate what you did, even if you don’t know you did what you did.

But that is the true beauty of Positive Impact, which l think personally is the awesomeness of blogging.

Thanks all.

Dear Blog ……


9 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 22.39 – 04/0/19

  1. I’m sure it will go well fella. I think it does no harm to stop and think about the blog. I’ve introduced a policy of can only have no more than 2 downer posts in a row, 3rd has to be fun.

    1. Hey Gary, did you see Eric Clapton ? I dedicated five of his best to you today 🙂

      I am sure it will go fine, we all to change it’s make everything more fun 🙂

      Thanks for commenting here tonight, appreciate it.

  2. You and your writings always have a positive impact. Hope that the new events and changes get more positive response.

    1. Hey Sadje, many thanks for the compliment – l am sure they will – but l felt pretty strongly about making these changes – and really tidying up various thing. I am a bit behind the initial plans for the weekend, but hey ho, the many changes l wanted to make for Saturday l finally achieved about an hour ago, so l am pleased on that level 🙂

      1. You’re welcome Rory. That’s great. Nothing like the feeling of achievement when we get the things we want to do done ✅

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