W.A.D – Diary Entry Thirteen


W.A.D – Diary Entry Thirteen:

I have decided that come the start to the new week l shall contact the group. I just have to make sure that l have everything prepared, otherwise none of us will know what we are supposed to be doing. I mean it’s all well and good writing these entries in, but who is going to see them?

I wonder if the others are writing in a journal,or have their emergency and contingency plans in order, or have all their provisions ready, if they have enough water supplies and batteries, if they have their consevation plans in order.

Things are starting to become more panicked in the bigger cities, l haven’t been in the big city for a few weeks now, restricting my activities to more localised areas.  The radio broadcasts are still running, the government has brought the military in and from what l can gather there are curfews in the big cities now. Warnings that looters will be shot on sight is now the big thing. Society is still in place, but l don’t know what shape it will be in, once the big ones hit.

I will draw up the administrations this weekend, no one really knows what to expect – hell even l don’t, l talk of storms and alien intelligences, but what else is there? Who knows until the disasters start to strike, who really, truly knows?



3 thoughts on “W.A.D – Diary Entry Thirteen

  1. Rory you are so good at creating the environment for this challenge. It should be all going in a book.

    1. Hey Sadje, we will see, l have had to change it mid flow from being a competition which are now dropped to a monthly challenge, so l am still toying with it, but thanks 🙂

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