The Grim Reality of our Sociality!


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These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

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The Grim Reality of Our Sociality!

Have you noticed how much society ‘Loves’ to talk?

They never shut up!


They can talk ALL day many a time about absolutely nothing of any value – and that’s how they survive, talking in shallow tones about nothing. Nothing conversations rule their every waking hour, their days, their moments – talking about nothing and even more nothings! That is the grim reality of our sociality.

It is easier to talk about topics, subjects and content of no value – the weather, television programmes, what you had for dinner last night or the night out – and it’s not that there is no value but it’s intrinsic to them personally, and their circle and not so much the bigger picture. So it is not worthless it’s just society talking!

Society doesn’t like to talk about matters which have a certain friction attached to them – society prefers ignorance over education, convention and conditioning over discord and strangeness and they want to feel calmness rather than fear. Society most assuredly doesn’t want to address taboo or stigma – and because they don’t want to, many a time they simply don’t!


Awareness to these issues is only important when something affects them personally, when it interrupts their day and their social unoriginality calendar– then and only then does it matter. Then the world is collapsing around them, it’s total ‘Oh woe is me’, ‘The end is nigh’ and ‘l am finished!’ If you are not listening to their problems, you DON’T care! Strange how the shoe is on the other foot when society has a problem!

I am on the autism spectrum with my Aspergers and there is controversy still concerning autism despite awareness. Society still fears the label and stigmatises those who are awarded those labels, but not just autism – no, many topics concerning mental health as well.

It isn’t just a case of ‘Not wanting to discuss it’ it is more of a ‘Don’t talk about it issue – not to address content that doesn’t affect them directly – the biggest crime society awards its fellow members is of course apathy! They can easily talk the talk about raising the bar of active awareness, of knocking down the taboo barriers and flattening the stigmas of our world – but talk is cheap – actions do speak louder than words – always have, and always will.

Despite being born with my Aspergers and as such autism – a lack of awareness whilst growing up meant that l received my diagnosis much later on in my life – in fact l was mid-forties – and whilst l welcomed the confirmation when it was awarded – in some respects it had come just a little too late – but as they say ‘Better late than never!’

I have lived with taboo and stigma all of my life. My own family ostracised me due to my ‘mental health’ issues as was. I am a survivor from a lot of different personal hells so can relate to bullying, hatred and abuse, manipulation and exploitation, violence and mental cruelty – and l have got through many a darkened and miserable tunnel. I understand the need to not just talk about things, but to really open up the discussion on them, hence why l am so avidly passionate about them.

My business Classic Eggshell Moments is in truth about my life both pre and post diagnosis, about my struggles with conflicts and about my ability to endure and to continually exist through determination and motivations to improve my health – and if l can to help others along the journey path then that is a bonus, for it means that l have learned from my experiences and can pass along that knowledge.

We all have a story to tell the world, a single voice may be lost in the crowd, but a united voice – well that is a completely different beast – for that, that is the start to the beginning, that is the start to recognition, to identification and togetherness – because with increased awareness and a united platform to be heard from – taboo and stigmas and all the myths attached to them can be debunked.

To open the arms, the eyes and the ears of society isn’t enough – we need to open its mind to all of our stories of mental health, depression and autism and much, much more – for then, then we can all move forward as one.


Together we can kick it, together we can Kung Foo Taboo!

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