Dear Blog … 18.55 – 03/0/19

Screaming for Style!

Have you ever got to that point in your life, when you long for a personal change? I have several times, it’s like a specific evolving on your identity.

Well my identity is on the move again l think. I have felt restless for the past few weeks, and l have sat and pondered, and wondered, and thought and become fraught, and digested and mentally invested on this problem.

Every day l wear more or less the same thing for comfort, but l am becoming horribly bored with my style! Bamboo joggers are very comfortable but very drab, especially when in grey, l need more colour in my life. I wear a lot of grey, when l was younger, the colour l hardly ever wore was bloody grey. Not that my grey was red grey or even bloody red and grey, just l didn’t wear a lot of grey, but l did wear a lot of grape, red, teal, blue – in fact l didn’t really wear much black, grey or white – even my suits were colourful – l looked like a 1940’s zoot master!

So l have decided that l going to start wearing more colourful comfortable clothing and no more drabby colours! I am 56 this month, and already l am dressing like l am frigging 90! Nope, not going to happen, otherwise when l am 90, well who knows what l may be wearing then – a death shroud!

Maybe cargoes and shirts again and my waistcoats?

I worried Suze earlier, l was like a madman muttering to myself and carefully filling a box with clothing. “Babes, l am sick to the back teeth of my style, things need to change! When the money comes through we are going on a style spree!” Both Suze and l need some new clothing, she most assuredly needs new work clothes and l need to change my drabby style for more colour!

Dear Blog ……

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