W.A.D – Diary Entry Eleven


W.A.D – Diary Entry Eleven:

It’s started, according to the broadcasts, smaller storms have swept over some smaller islands – governments and scientist alike are becoming confused, it’s almost like a deliberate movement by nature – a form of intelligence, wiping out the lesser foes first?

It doesn’t make sense, we never expected this, when we discussed things as a group – we never forecast an extraterrestrial element, we all thought it would just be nature striking back? This makes me think that perhaps something else is now afoot. I mean we all knew, those of us willing to understand the global problem of a lack of professional conservation strategy.

They started the programmes years ago, but l feel it was a little too late. Temperatures rose, and continued to rise, the storms became worse, there were more smalled earthquakes that whilst isolated and smaller than some of the bigger ones later on, were still larger than expected. The sea level rose, and tsunamis became more frequent – then there was that idea of freezing tsunamis and that failed.

We have seen most of these new ideals fall flat on their faces to where we are now, literally days away from battoning down the hatches, l suppose l should try to contact the group before it strikes, that is only fair.

6 thoughts on “W.A.D – Diary Entry Eleven

    1. Ah, now you know l answer my notifications from the bottom up lol 🙂

      Well you see Barbara there is a reason behind that, all will be explained soon 🙂

      1. Sorry to confuse you about the number…I’m usually in a state of confusion myself! haha
        Now, I love a good mystery…it will be interesting to see what happens. 🙂

        1. Indeed it will, l have always believed in the credo of be smart act dumb, worked wonders for me over the years, or try and stay in a constant state of perplexity 🙂

          I have a sneaking suspicion Barbara, you may enjoy this, l think some may have figured this out, most assuredly one has — but these entries take us down a path 🙂

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