Pet Sematary – Film

WidowCranky offers us here the review of the remake of a classic 80’s steven King film Pet Sematary .. what a cracker that was … spooky as shit! Have the seen the remake??


I loved Stephen King books when I was growing up.  I was devouring his books from about the age of 10, which looking back, may well have been a little young, but they were better than Nancy Drew so… Reflecting on it now, I realise it is because the stories were exciting but the writing was simplistic – easy for anyone to pick up and read.  The story lines while gory and scary were easy to follow and allowed enough to let my imagination run riot.  It has heavily contributed in my desensitisation of horror and left me in the eternal search of something which will make me feel the fear.

Hopefully anyone reading this will remember the original film from 1989 (unless you are horribly young, in which case I recommend you go and find the film and watch it) that had Fred Gwynne (yes Herman Munster) and Dale…

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