A Dip In The Pond

Check out Trooper taking a dip … by the way this is Scrappy barking and not dad” That sure is one nice looking lad!

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Our weather has not been warm enough for me to even think about going for a swim yet. In fact it will take a few consecutive days with temperatures in the 80’s Fahrenheit to warm the water to my liking.

Trooper on the other hand found the water most refreshing. Every year he is the first one in.


He also enjoyed some time laying in the shade.


I did get some yard work done this week while soaking up some vitamin D (sunshine) and starting on my tan. 🙂

My dip in the pond will just have to wait.

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6 thoughts on “A Dip In The Pond

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  1. Keeping quite well! Enjoying life away from the NET! Though tonight I am going to return here just to read your poetry! You write such beauty! Take care my trusted friend, and don’t forget to look up at the beauty above! ❤️&☀️

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