What Do Other People Think Of You?

Are they thinking the worst of me? Who knows! Many a time a lot of people when asked out of the blue don’t even know what they are thinking and if they are looking your way, doesn’t mean they are thinking about you. YOU just happen to be in front of their eyes. Read on, this is a great little post from julie about self-awareness and self belief and above everything – empowerment!

Julie de Rohan

It’s a beautiful, sunny day and you’re taking a stroll.  A group of girls approaches. As they pass you, they burst into a fit of giggles.

“They’re laughing at me” is your immediate thought, as grey clouds descend in your mind.

You’re having a meal at your favourite restaurant.  You look up mid-mouthful and catch the eye of a fellow diner who’s frowning.

The food instantly turns bitter in your mouth, preceded by the thought: “He thinks I shouldn’t be eating this because I’m fat”.

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