W.A.D – Diary Entry Nine


W.A.D – Diary Entry Nine:

I am more or less done – the things l have left to do are small in comparison, l just hope it’s not in vain, but then if it is, that’s the way of life. I have already figured that if l don’t hear anything from the rest of the group they simply didn’t make it.

We knew our survival would be tough, but we also knew that we were in the laps of the gods almost, or more to the point, Mother Nature. According to the broadcasts, that storm rolling in means business. All the smaller storms, well they’ll just join it, and so the time it makes the various landfalls – l think all hell will break loose, 1000 storms all rolled into one big storm or what they are calling Mother Climatic 42EOD – sounds like something you might read in a fantasy novel…. but,

Well l best crack on, l see there are other people around these parts, they best hurry it along, otherwise , well it doesn’t bode well to think about it.

We might have just over two weeks left, time will tell now, it always does. The rains here have been horrendous and the flooding, l am pleased l took the necessary precautions with construction when l did, and the lightening storms, gees, as to the thunder l have never heard a noise like that before in all my years. What gives with all the strange lights?

Is this what the end of days looks like?

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