QQ: Oh no, what are you going to do now?



Slowly season 2 of the Blogger Reviewer questions comes to the end, this is question 28/30

NOTE _ THE question below is not a fact it is JUST a question – okay? WP has not banned prompts!


QQ: Oh no, what are you going to do now?


WordPress decided to ban all prompts and we were no longer allowed to create them for anyone, ourselves or for whatever purpose! What would you do?

So ‘hyperthetically’ with prompts now ‘outlawed’ what are you going to do to fill that time, space or content?ย  Would you miss them, would they make a huge dent to your writing day, would you become bored only writing your own content? Would you become more adventurous with your writing? Would you start that book you have always wanted to do? What would you do?

If of course you are NOT a prompter or a promptee or prompted, this probably wouldn’t make a difference to you, or would it?

A multiquestion this time, but still a singular question … what are you going to do now?

Let me know below in the comments section – cheers.

31 thoughts on “QQ: Oh no, what are you going to do now?

  1. I am not a prompter, but I need to be prompted. But if they were banned, I would come up with my own posts. But then I will be posting once a day, maximum.

    1. Hey Ashley, many thanks – so in fact – it would particularly bother you nor make the most profound imapct – but it would still make a tinsy bit of an impact?

  2. Is that real? If so, I’m going to have a serious think about staying on WordPress at all. What harm is there in a prompt? If WordPress has become a solely business blog site, they need to inform the larger group of members – the writers. How will they enforce such a stupid rule anyway? As to what “I’m going to do now?” Prepare to move somewhere else and start over. Again. What a crock. >:(

    1. Hey Ursula, l create prompts, but l don’t do them, have you not noticed that? It’s one of the reasons l raised the question in the first place, to see how people would respond., because a lot of people do respond to prompts and it forms a huge bulk of their content.

      If prompts stopped, it wouldn’t bother me, l could stop working on creating prompts and just concentrate upon writing.

      I create prompts because people like prompts, if people didn’t, l wouldn’t create them ๐Ÿ™‚ I also started creating prompts as a way of helping me, because l love writing long content and my arm and shoulder cannot cope with writing for too long anymore, so l started creating more shorter content.

      If you see prompts on my blog, they are the ones l have created. I respond to 1 out of every thirty or so prompts by other bloggers.

      I know a lot of bloggers don’t do prompts like many bloggers don’t like responding to awards. i take note of the bloggers who don’t like awards and l never tag them [under the old system], under my system l can tag them, because all l am doing is gifting them a compliment and none of this silly nomination business – there’s a big difference.

      A friend of mine suggested to me [prompted me perhaps] to learn about the About pages of other bloggers which l have been doing since it was first suggested] – Season 2 of these questions is aimed at that suggestion.

  3. While I like writing prompts, I donโ€™t use them every day. If these were banned, I would still continue writing.

    1. As Melanie has just motioned, she would be quite upset if they were. Prompts serve large %’s of the writing audience here. I create them because people love them, and they are fun, but l hardly do them, l wouldn’t and don’t have the time to spend most of my day writing prompt responses as l wouldn’t really get much else done.

  4. the other day i realized if I spent more time on my first ideas (gardening, homesteading….etc topics) I could probably have a sale making website by now with all the effort i have done toward prompt responses lol……….so just for fun dug out 2014 notes on gardens and garden items, and time flew that afternoon! so upcoming garden posts, perhaps

  5. It wouldn’t change my writing much, but it would be a sad thing to see all prompts disappear… I think they contribute to the community feeling. They bring people together.

  6. As much as I enjoy the prompts and I can’t even keep up with all of them, LOL!… I would find means of still digging deep within myself to keep busy and be creative.
    BUT! No one should take away their prompts… They are all so creative and fun!

    1. Hey Beckie, panic not they are going nowhere ๐Ÿ™‚ Cyranny said that they help the community stay a community and l think she was spot on with that assessment ๐Ÿ™‚

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