Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too! Part 1


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Dedicating this mini series to Patti Moore Wilson of Wednesday’s Child

Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too!

Part 1


Let’s get down to earth here, shall we?

Gardeners not only do it too, but they do it in beds, on their knees and in a heap! What are we talking here?

That’s right compost!

What? Were your minds in the gutter? Anything interesting down there that you can add in here?

Got to love gardening jokes, right?

Who wants to be entremanure?

I do!

Who will be eating worms??

Not Me!!

I have worms!! Is usually met with disdain, and yet in the world of compost, it’s a status thing! I have worms, l have long worms and short worms and fat worms and skinny worms, and the one thing l’ll not be doing is eating worms, because they are my friends!!

Suze is really good at fingering! BUT, l am not that bad at it either! What are we talking here? That’s right Green and brown fingers, Suze is a really good green fingered gardener and loves making things grow up, whilst l love battering them down again and turning them into mulch and compost and that’s because l am a brown fingered gardener! We both aim for the same thing though …. the end product. Food for the table!

Why have l made the introduction so dirty minded? Because working with compost is literally dirty business – you are working with end products, with slimy worms, with waste, and dirt and kitchen scraps and yet the finished product as in your compost is actually like gold – many a time gardeners refer to it as ‘Black Gold!”

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Why should l compost??

Well as Fandango would classically say, “Why should you not?”

There are many excellent reasons for you wishing and wanting to compost – save money is one of the first, especially if you are a gardener, improving your soil with the compost is another and also reducing your impact on the environment, so you are doing your bit with conservation and the environment by becoming not just eco-friendly, but an urban eco-warrior!

But looking at these things in more detail might help you understand more …

You will save money!

You can become more organic in your approach and as such have no need to buy chemical composts or fertilisers – compost as an end product is free, all of the ingredients are free and organic and if anything, it’s produced using your free time!

You will improve your soil!

Compost is an organic return, as in it enhances and improves your soil, because you have worked the magic with your organic rubbish heap and nurtured an end product  which will help boost the fertility of the soils which in turn will yield you a much higher return to your garden. Organic compost is a slow releasing agent and it will not burn your plants, vegetables and flowers like many chemical fertilisers and composts do.

You will be doing your bit to reduce your impact!

Instead of using chemical fertilisers, you are only using organically grown mixtures from your own waste. You are not having to bother with using your transport to make runs to the towns garbage dumps and therefore releasing even more CO2 or carbon dioxides into the air. You are basically making excellent use of your own waste products to create a brand new environmentally friendly product therefore completing the circle cycle – Waste – product – use – yield – – harvest – waste!

10 FACTS!!

Composting reduces landfill waste – Fact!

Composting reduces dependency on fossil fuels – Fact!

Composting is superb for your soils – Fact!

You can compost virtually anything – plant waste, organic waste, kitchen waste, human waste as well as other products [discussed later] – Fact!

Composting turns waste products into gold – Fact!

Composting helps to cultivate your plants – Fact!

Composting is actually fun – Fact!

Composting is easy peasy – Fact!

Composting is inexpensive – Fact!

Composting is healthy for you and your garden – Fact!

Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too!

Part 1

Fresh, Compost, Hand, Man

……………… to this!

Part 2 Tomorrow – Fact!


16 thoughts on “Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too! Part 1

    1. Hey Sadje, glad you liked it. The reason it is dedicated to Patti is because she wanted to know if composting in a smaller space was possible, and this mini series is basically looking at composting from all angles 🙂

        1. Well that’s the beauty Sadje, and something this will look at, indeed this was one os Patti’s requests, to look at composting in limited space. I have the space and therefore opted for the method l use. Also l do have time, but what l have also learned is that the compost will survive even with limited time and still produce a crop. Time if restrictive purely means you can’t turn it as often, turning it often speeds up the breakdown process. Not turning it is the opposite it slows it down, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible 🙂

        2. Well just watch the series Sadje, l am planning to make it a really easy to understand so that some readers might start to think, ‘oh l think l might be able to do that’ 🙂

  1. I love this post so much!!! I’m going to be looking into getting a compost heap going in my garden this year for all the reasons you have stated above!!! Xxx

    1. Hey Suzi – excellent news – hope you like the series 🙂

      I love composting, of course l am ‘not’ physically doing any at the moment and l seriously miss it, l used to love seeing all the life in the heap, it’s all dead waste and yet it has its own wonderfully organic population. There’s a beauty watching the mix go in and then turn into a healthy product at the end 🙂

  2. Rory, thank you SO much!!! And how I appreciated the heads up about your post. I had no idea we could even compost human waste…! Kind of gross but goes with my resolve to become a zero waste household so I will be a good student and pay close attention… looking forward to part 2!

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