Blogging—QQ: What is it about them [Awards], that you like and or dislike?

Sadje tackles the question about awards with a plus and minus list approach.

Keep it alive

Rory has asked what do we think about awards

To be very honest, I love getting an award ( nomination ). It bolsters my self confidence and encourages me to write more and write better.

The awards pros and cons, according to me are;


1. Getting an award is going to boost the bloggers spirits.

2. With an award displayed on their home page, the blogger gets more traffic and maybe more followers.

3. It increases the interaction between different bloggers and forms connections.

4. The overall community spirit gets a boost, when one blogger nominates 5-11 new/ other blogs for the award.

5. They get to know more about each other through the questions asked or when you have to write down about your love of blogging, as per the requirement of some awards.


1. Some bloggers find these awards time consuming and…

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