Again please!

Okay, sure nearly two weeks ago this was penned. But the way Suzanne writes has the same effect on me as does her querying mind about the composers, how do you get the words together to sound so musical Suzanne ? Need you ask the composers how they do it, when you do it yourself?


Early last evening I drifted off to the sounds of a favorite song on repeat. I wonder how they do it, the composers I mean. However do they know which notes to place beside each other. They choose so carefully. How can they be certain that these two will be more beautiful if they are together. The best music is that way. I can’t listen enough. It is over too soon. I only want it to go on and on…

When I awakened at midnight the song had stopped. But, the rain had just begun. It came strong against the roof. I love it when it does and I haven’t anywhere to be. If only the roof was a tin one…. I snuggled under the covers and deeper into dreams. There were wings there, so many beautiful wings.

I chose some flower bulbs a few weeks ago. The lilies will…

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