Buddha and the Mustard Seed

A dose of mustard!

Family Furore

After a vent on Facebook about the mental health care, or lack of, that my daughter had been receiving, I had a lovely email from my second cousin that ended with “…phone me and we’ll talk about mustard seeds.”

Not having heard that before, it caught my attention, but I did decide it was just a term my cousin used meaning we’ll talk about ‘stuff’ – the important, the feel good, the mundane and the trivial.

I rang, and sure enough we talked about ‘stuff’. Then more ‘stuff’. And when I thought we were ‘stuffed’ out, my cousin said “so let’s talk about those mustard seeds.”

He asked me if I’d ever heard the story about Buddha and the mustard seed. I hadn’t, but my interest was piqued. I love Buddha’s teachings, and knew my cousin was passing this one on as it had some meaning for me.

The condensed…

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