W.A.D – Diary Entry Three


W.A.D – Diary Entry Three:

I can’t help but wonder at times, how no one saw this coming? I mean the government knew, they always know – but there wasn’t a lot of time. People panicked as was expected, me and my group, well we have been working on this for some time. So even know we are around the world, we knew long before the rest of the world, and now here we are in the final countdown. I suppose really it’s going to come down to the simplicity of whether they survive it or not, l guess l’ll know soon enough.

But it’s the usual scenario, people never take anything seriously enough until it’s way too late. Then well then they are non stop complaining and bitching about everything.

The signs were there, the weather has deteriorated terribly over these years. The world lost the battle, and now she is meting out her wrath, that’s it in layman terms, that’s what’s happening.

I am pretty well stocked up, but l have to keep myself orderly and organised and l have to keep everything running as normal, so the others don’t suspect, if so, well l guess that could well be the end of even me!

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