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So true,  l am always getting lost for words – a couple of weekends ago, when Suze and l were walking Scrappy in the woods. I saw a lady with her dog, l knew the dog, l knew her husband Dave, l have never known her name … but suddenly l couldn’t remember that one polite magic word – see if you can see the missing word, “Oh hi, you’re Dave’s erm, oh ahh what’s the word, um, bugger – Missus yes??”

She looked at me with one of those looks that says ‘wack job and smiled and walked off.

Suze looked at me like l had lost the plot, what on earth were you thinking of?

“Well l answered, l was trying to think of that word, you know when a couple are married, you know the word l mean??” I answered still struggling to find the word.

“You mean ……wife??” Suze said with that look of “Idiot!’ on her face.

“Oh yes that’s the one, sorry just couldn’t think of the word, but missus is okay isn’t it?”

Suze just gave me another stern look that answered that question for me, even Scrappy looked at me oddly. Shite, it happens, right?

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  1. Well yeah, ha ha, Suze’s mum was a teacher and well we all know how they should get awards for their ‘superior idiot you are looks!’ Well Suze has perfected that to tee with even a raised arched eyebrow!! lol


  2. Oh it’s terrible for me at times, l could have earned an Oscar by now for some of bumblings 🙂

    I have woken Suze up in the middle of the night before now to say “Babes, l remembered that word!!” She is like “It’s 3 ######### am l really don’t give a damn!!”


  3. Ha ha – same here, l am either saying the wrong word, because l can’t think of the word, or say the wrong thing because l have forgotten the bloody word, or woken up at silly oclock , slapped my forehead because l have then remembered the word – don’t worry Paula, it’s an absolute art – people should be jealous ha ah ha!

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  4. It happens more than you think. My memory is mush and I can’t remember this or that word all the time. It’ll be on the tip of my tongue but never roll off.

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