Dear Blog … 18.45 – 29/04/19

It’s been 84 years …

Ok, it hasn’t – it’s been officially 15 months, roughly 450 days since it all began on the 29th January 2018, but come Wednesday it’s been 5 weeks since the injective surgery!

They said it would take three weeks to feel better, it doesn’t.

They said for ten days the pain would be terrible! It was!!

They said if it had worked the ten days of agony would clear to no pain – It most assuredly did not!

The pain got worse, the pain is a lot worse, the pain has agonisingly worsened and increased five fold since the injections.

It’s not a win, it’s a fail!

I can’t get alternative healing till l get the broken bone is fixed, l can’t heal the pinched nerve till the broken bone is no longer broken. The upper tendonitis will not heal till the pinched nerve is no longer pinched. The collapsing right side of my chest cannot recover till l have the strength back in my right arm.

It’s a real nasty son- of-a -bitch catch 22!

The next step is key hole surgery, and l hope increased medication. I don’t want more meds, l hate meds, but l hate the pain more!! But the longer it takes to be fixed the more damage is allowed to continue damaging the injury!

So not happy about this whole scenario!


Where’s the positive out of the negative? Well Suze and l took the move to stop eating meat, we are now officially full time pescatarians. Scrappy’s not, but l am not moving my dog off meat, she is by nature a carnivore and whilst l do not like the idea of animals being slain, she is still an ancestor of the wolf. It’s not like she eats red meat anyway, she eats more fish than most dogs, but still has chicken, and game meats in her moist diet mixes. She is an old dog that needs a quality diet to help her live a healthy life.

But Suze and l, we are done with meat. The way things are going, l guess it might be another year before we move into vegetarian status, although l might be able to do it sooner.

I do miss meat, but l wasn’t eating red meat anyway, l was white meat, so just moving chicken and turkey out of my diet has not been a colossal move.

Is that a positive?

Yeah l think so.  It’s a start!

Dear Blog ……

12 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 18.45 – 29/04/19

  1. It is a good start. Sorry about the shoulder not improving with the injection. Hope the keyhole surgery would fix it.

    1. I hope so too Sadje, l just shudder at how long l may have to await the operation, l don’t have the £12000 to pay for it privately, so now l have to wait for the national health service. Damn, l do wonder if it might be just easier to chop the damn thing off and learn to type left handedly 🙂

  2. It’s a positive start! My husband and I became vegetarians 3 or 4 years ago, and we haven’t eaten meat since the last time we ate it. I lost 50 lbs.! And that was without changing my diet or doing any exercise. Of course everybody’s different.

    1. Well done. We were lucky, as said Suze and l were not big red meat eaters – l haven’t had red meat regular since my twenties, Suze gave up red meat six years ago, l gave it up completely five years ago.

      We then found out that we had intolerances to red meat, so it made it way way easier to just stop.

      I had always favoured chicken and turkey meats, but l just can’t do it any more.

  3. gees! you poor thing! that injury sounds nasty! Good for you for going to no meat! I couldn’t do it. Not at all! So well done you! <3

  4. I am very sorry to hear you have had so much pain – it’s extraordinarily frustrating!

    I would make you a vegetarian feast so you could indulge in yummy comfort food 🙂

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