W.A.D – Diary Entry Two


W.A.D – Diary Entry Two:

I have had a busy day making preparation, l have had some small communications with the others, one asked about whether rhubarb was an ideal candidate for saftey concerns, it’s a good question, but l am not sure what other properties it might have. i know it can freeze, but l am going to have to make a wild guess and say l don’t think we are going to have electric afterwards. He jokingly teased about initiating the missiles, if only the plight was that easy.

Another joked about donuts and waffles … mm.

I may have to make the role call sheet ready, but we have around thirty days, maybe a few less, maybe a few more, but is it too early to put the names out? I mean what about the donut one, her name isn’t on the list, but she might make a good asset, she’s got grit. I don’t know just yet, time will tell.

The weather today has been ferocious, the rains heavy, the floodings are getting worse, l am safe here as l am up high, but for how long, how hard can it be when it does come? It reminds me of a book l once read by Stephen King, l fear this will be worse, not fiction, but factual.

No, l’ll leave the role call for a while longer, and just continue making preparations, the last thing we need is to be caught short without provisions. I pretty much guess, well, at least l hope everyone’s doing the same …..

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  1. I don’t know what this is all about, but I’d make sure to have lots of back-up batteries for flashlights and radios.

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