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There was an awful lot of inspiration and motivation to this design. As a dog owner for twenty plus years – l like many others know only too well the togetherness, the closeness and the one mind aspect your loyal companion can award you.

They are there to listen to your woes, your disappointments and upsets equally as they are there for your joys and jubilations. They share like the good friends they are your moments in life. I have had the privilege of having my buddies by my side for all of the time l have had dogs in my life. And they have all been my closest friends and at times much much closer than any humans l know.

For many whom are alone and suffer loneliness their dogs offer them the ability to communicate with others because with a dog by your side, more doors open – more personalities emerge and friendship of familiarity can commence though the identity of dog ownership.

I am not a shy person with individuals but l am very crowd shy, large groups of people and by this l mean parties of four plus of unknowns can cause me to search for exit signs! With my dog – whilst l may still be apprehensive – l have a boosted confidence and assertiveness present.

None of my dogs have been trained service dogs, but l can understand only too well how the introduction of an autism assistance dog to a person on the spectrum can be seen as a genuine life changer. These lovely patient animals can bring so very much to a family in need. They can provide safety and comradeship to their charges and in so doing bring a unique independence to the owner.

Support dogs are valuable companions to those in need not just for autism, but for the disabled and those who suffer from epilepsy and seizures.

With regards autism – assistance dogs are known and have displayed their ableness to reduce stress for family members, promote beneficial and positive behavioural change, provide comfort and encourage interaction which might not have been seen before.

You do not have to have a disability or a disorder to acknowledge the transformation that can be introduced to the lives of those whom need and appreciate these service dogs.

I have Aspergers which sits under the spectrum of autism, l also have a lovely dog and have had the joys and happiness of having dogs in my life for a good many years and l know only too well how they have helped me through difficult times.

Throughout the years they have been standing side by side through my travels in life they have served as my social ambassadors and truth be known dog ownership and responsibility has made me a more tolerant and understanding person.

Social ambassadors1

You will have seen this design at the bottom of Doodlepip’s Adventures stories on occasion and perhaps had wondered what it represented. It was based not just on our friendship as two of one mind, but all dogs, not just service dogs, but the truest of companionship that K9’s can and do offer their friends every single day.


16 thoughts on “Together We Are One Mind

  1. Such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing this. I think of our pets as family members and they have helped both my kids while growing up. Great design too, very creative.

  2. Dogs are remarkable. Thank you for sharing and explaining the logo. They really can make a world of difference! Have you ever heard the story of Dog and Cat and how they came to be?

    1. No, l haven’t admittedly . . . . . as a side note Emily, Scrappy has just nudged me and asked me to pass on to all Zeus and Chi Chi, that she has just emailed their bother the form requested 🙂

  3. Am interesting thought regardless of your beliefs… God was so happy with Man that he created Dog. Dog would love man unconditionally, defend him, and be loyal to his side. Dog is God spelled backwards. Well, Man did not appreciate dog and he abused Dog. In response God made Cat. Cat does not care about man, does not give him any attention, and does as he pleases.

    1. Well Emily, an interesting irony you are quite right, and beliefs aside – so very true. Cat spelled backwards is Tac – making no sense of anything.

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