They Told Me, They Said Don’t Do It, Don’t Look But

Larry cuts a finely profound and expressive poem here – nicely done 🙂


I’m stuck here

IMG_0127 (2)

In my lonely room

Not a friend

To be found

Time passes o so slowly.

I’m out of my mind.

It’s been five

Very long years now.

All day long 

All night long

It’s quite a nightmare down here.

It’s very scary.

I’ve started 

To play such odd games

All day long

All night long.

Talking to Satan can help.

I’m just pretending.

There are times

When I miss my past


Come and gone.

My heart is slowly breaking.

A merciless hell.

My clock ticks

An endless ritual

On and on

Night and day

I see there is no way out

For the truly damned.

IMG_0127 (2)Here’s my attempt to write for one of Rory’s What’s My Story? prompts. At least Rory rhymes with story.  It’s a shadorma poem.

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